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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
General Rules
  1. Keep calm at UOP library.
  2. Turn off your mobile before entering.
  3. No food or drinks.
  4. No smoking.
  5. All UOP Library materials contain magnetic strips.
  6. Place books on tables after using them.
  7. Adhere to instructions of UOP Library sections.
  8. Adhere to UOP Library opening hours.
  9. UOP Library sections are equipped with security cameras.
  10. UOP Library employees are prepared to help you in all times.
Books' Borrowing Instructions for University Students
  1. Books are borrowed to UOP students using their university IDs.
  2. Undergraduate students may borrow no more than 3 books for the period of two weeks.
  3. Graduate students may borrow no more than 10 books for the period of two months.
  4. The books' borrowing period may not be renewed if it was requested by one student or more. In this case, the priority is given to students who requested the books first. Students keeping a book for more than two weeks are not allowed to borrow new books.
  5. References and periodicals may not be borrowed.
  6. Books on the reserve shelf may be borrowed during evening hours only; UOP Library staff specify how these books are used during library opening hours.
  7. Evening borrowing hours start half an hour before the end of the library opening hours and end an hour after the start of next day opening hours.
  8. The date of return is sealed on a special form fixed on the last page of the borrowed book.
  9. UOP Library user pays 250 fils for each day of delay.
Lending Instructions for Teaching Staff
  1. Teaching staff and lecturers may borrow books using UOP-issued cards.
  2. A teaching staff member or a full-time lecturer may borrow no more than 15 books and for the period of one semester. He/she shall return borrowed books or renew borrowing period at the end of the semester.
Books' Borrowing Instructions for Administrative Staff
  1. Administrative staff may borrow books using UOP-issued cards.
  2. Administrative staff may borrow no more than 5 books and for one month only.
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