General Rules:
  1. Maintain the quiet atmosphere of the library.
  2. Turn off mobile phones before entering.
  3. No food or drinks.
  4. No smoking.
  5. All library books magnetically controlled.
  6. Not to place books back on the shelf after use.
  7. Observance of section instructions he/she is using.
  8. Observance of library working hours.
  9. Library sections are monitored by cameras.
  10. Library staff are ready to assist any users.
Lending Instructions for University Students:
  1. When borrowing a book, students are required to have the university registration card. 
  2. Undergraduate students may borrow no more than 3 books for the period of two weeks.
  3. Graduate students may borrow no more than 10 books for the period of two months.
  4. The lending period may not be renewed for a book on demand by other students. In this case, lending priority is given to the first student requiring the book. Students keeping a book for more than two weeks are not allowed to borrow new books.
  5. References and periodicals are used on the premises only and cannot be borrowed.
  6. Books on the reserve shelf may be borrowed during evening hours only; their use during work hours is arranged by library staff.
  7. Evening lending hours start half an hour before the end of the normal work hours and end an hour after the start of next day work hours.
  8. The date of return is stamped on a special slip stuck on the end of the book.
  9. 250 fils is paid for each day of exceeding the loan period of two weeks.
Lending Instructions for Teaching Staff:
  1. Teaching staff may borrow books after they produce their university ID card.
  2. A teaching staff member or a full time lecturer may borrow no more than 15 books and for the period of one semester, at the end of which the loan period has to be renewed. 

Lending Instructions for Non-teaching Staff:

  1. Non-teaching staff may borrow books after producing their university ID cards.
  2. Non-teaching staff may borrow no more than 5 books and for one month only.
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