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May 2022 Vacancies / 4




The University of Petra (UOP) announces its need to appoint a PhD-holding member of teaching staff specializing in "virtual reality/augmented reality"
According to the following requirements and conditions:
  1. A graduate of a prestigious and recognized university.
  2. To be a holder of a PhD Degree in virtual reality, augmented reality, computer graphics, or multimedia.
  3. Has a track record in all studying phases: General Secondary Certificate, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree and PhD Degree.
  4. Has a teaching experience in the needed major at the university teaching level.
  5. Has published papers in global, specialized, peer-reviewed and indexed journals.
  6. Enjoys advanced computer skills and has mastered blended learning techniques.
  7. Is not committed to work with a public or private institution.
  8. Holds Jordanian nationality.

Required documents:

  1. Curriculum vitae.
  2. Copy of the latest identity card.
  3. Attested copies of academic degrees.
  4. Copy of the equivalent certificates.
  5. Copy of the experience certificates.
  6. Copy of research papers that have been published or accepted for publication.
  7. An acknowledgment of non-compliance to third party upon appointment.

Deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday 8-6-2022

University of Petra (UOP)

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Wishing you every success​