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To the UOP community members

To each and every loving and caring member of the UOP community.

Peace be upon you

The UOP story of success and the high-ranking status which it enjoys has not been coincidental nor a mere strike of luck. It's a long standing history of major contributions across three decades of well-documented contributions which we nowadays witness and live up to.

UOP has been distinguished throughout its career by its distinct performance in the fields of education, research and community service, and the introduction of various academic disciplines suitable for the labor market, of a solid well-grounded system that cares for the methods of teaching/learning, including the use of the latest fully equipped halls with e-learning equipment that enhance the skills of graduates and provides them with capabilities to enter the labor market as creative leaders of the future.

The UOP has always had since its establishment a long-standing heritage of its main premise that the student is the center of the entire teaching learning process. Hence, the UOP has always lived up to its principle of working towards the development of a well-rounded and composed students' personality coupled with the growth of skills acquisition, innovative thinking and creativity. The vision and outlook of the UOP have been associated with the specialized research centers such as the center for pharmaceutical studies; thus culminating in the students' extra-curricular activities and hobbies including sports activities as one can witness the available stadium and gyms and specialized trainers for sports in addition to providing restaurants and indoor kiosks.

The university was interested in providing the highest levels of comfort and luxury for students on campus, through the development of a green environment, and building fountains through the clean energy of the university, and the provision of transportation to and from the university campus through a network of modern, comfortable and affordable buses at reasonable cost.

The university has also paid adequate attention to the research activity of all teaching staff members and students coupled with successful requirements for accreditation. In addition, the university provides suitable space for research activities, training and skills refinement, and the provision of classrooms, educational laboratories, and specialized research laboratories in all university colleges.

The UOP has shown keen interest in empirical and applied scientific research and partnerships with various sectors, and signed many agreements with local and international companies and universities to serve the local community and develop the products of local companies. The university also extended its various services to the local community, including counseling, awareness raising, and humanitarian and national services.

All of this is based on the university administrators' vision that seeks to enhance our education, research and service activities in order for the university to remain the appropriate context and the ideal choice for students and professors in Jordan and the Arab countries context.​

Message from Vice President of University of Petra

Professor Mayyas Al-Rimawi

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