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  Bassam Haddad
 President's Assistant for Global Partnerships and Relations
 Associate Professor of Computer Science
 Dr. techn. Dipl.-Infomatiker
 Phone: +962-6-5799555 ext: 1840
   Responsibilities include managing and facilitating the following:
  1. International Academic Agreements
  2. MOUs
  3. Academic Exchange and Corporation between Petra University and worldwide partners
  4. Visits of distinguished international Researchers, Professors, and Students
  5. International events related to Cooperative Scientific Research and Academic Exchange
  6. International Research and Cooperative Projects
Dr. Rafiq Dawod Omar
President's Assistant for Administrative Affairs
Dean, Faculty of Administrative & Financial Sciences
Associate Professor - Banking and Finance Dept.
Tel. +962-6-5799555 Ext: 9202
Responsibilities include managing and facilitating the following:
  1. Developing the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences for Bachelor and Master Programs.
  2. Developing the works of the Administrative Affairs, Finance and Supplies departments and participating in the computerization committees to raise efficiency and contributing to the development of administrative legislation, regulations and instructions.
  3. Presiding on the procurement, bidding, and following-up on the development of procurement and inventory.
  4. Preparing the studies assigned to it and preparing its economic feasibility.
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