The Faculty of Pharmacy is aspired to be the Faculty of choice in Jordan and the region for learners and scholars and to provide excellence in pharmaceutical education. The Nutrition Program is aspired to be a recognized at the national and international level for their leadership in developing optimal teaching, learning and research.


The mission statements of the Faculty of Pharmacy are:
1. Exhibiting graduates with the well-balanced knowledge, and moral responsibilities in health care professionals
2. Providing technical information and skills to meet the diverse pharmaceutical care needs in both private and government sectors
3. Becoming a research based teaching institute emphasizing on the collaboration between pharmaceutical science and industry
4. Ensuring the commitment to life-long learning to be able to compete in the marketplace and serving our community.
The mission of Nutrition Program is to graduate competent health care professionals, capable of providing high-quality health care to meet the ongoing development of nutrition educators, skills for utilization of more learner-centered approaches, within the larger collaborative network of community and educators and the commitment to life-long learning to be able to compete in the marketplace.


In order to fulfill our mission for the Fauclty of Pharmacy, our goals are:
1. To provide excellent education and professional development of pharmacy students
2. To foster intellectual curiosity and a commitment to life-long learning
3. To encourage and support the development of appropriate pharmacist models for various practice settings
4. To foster interdisciplinary aspects between faculty of pharmacy and community development needs
5. To conduct and promote applied research and problem-oriented basic research as a vital element of pharmaceutical sciences
6. To motivate scholar development in order to maintain high quality teaching and training skills for both undergraduates and postgraduates
7. To encourage extracurricular activities that enhances faculty image and pride In order to fulfill our mission, the general learning goals for the undergraduate Nutrition are:
1. To integrate the foundational knowledge of related disciplines (i.e., biological, physical, and behavioral sciences, education, research, technology, communication, and management) into the learning and application nutrition.
2. To provide a foundation of applied knowledge of normal, clinical, and community nutrition, nutrition education and counseling, food science, and management.
3. To promote the development of problem solving and critical thinking skills.
4. To foster intellectual curiosity and a commitment to life-long learning.
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Faculty Daen
Prof. Tawfiq Arafat
The Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at University of Petra was established almost 20 years ago with a staff members of not more than 8 faculty members at that time...
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