Welcome to the Faculty of law at the University of Petra. Indeed, as the first and current dean of this Faculty, I am pleased to have such an opportunity to welcome you and to introduce some of the characteristics that our Faculty enjoys.
In fact, the Faculty of Law was founded in 2011. Although it has been established a few years ago, yet our Faculty is deeply committed to offer an extraordinary legal education where theory and practice do meet to provide our students with a rich and innovative experience. Taking this into consideration, there is no surprise to know that our Faculty has been the focus of attention for different potential students and their chosen destination at the end.
On the one hand, our courses are taught by exceptional academic members and visitor lecturers who are dedicated to the aforementioned values and who are specialists in law science diverse areas.  
On the other hand, the University of Petra campus provides a warm and lovely atmosphere for all; The students, the academics and administrative staff. The university’s location facilitates contact with other universities and public and private institutions.
I hope you will join us and I am looking forward to assisting you as you plan your legal career in our institution of excellence.
Mohamed Y. Olwan
Dean and Professor of Law
Dean's Message

Prof. Mohamed Y. Olwan
Welcome to the faculty of law, Petra University. As the first dean of the faculty of law I am pleased and proud to introduce you to some of the aspects that the faculty of law
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