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​​701111 Introduction to Law                                                                                (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

This course gives a general and essential introductory course to the beginners in law study. It deals both with the general theory of law, such its definition, characteristics, branches, and sources application and its interpretation. On the part of the theory of right, it deals with the definition of rights, the divisions of rights, parties of the rights, and their sources and protection.

701112 Sources of Obligation                                                                              (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701111

This module includes an analytical study of the theory, types and sources of obligation through identifying the sources of obligation based on the rules and premises of contract theory, the classification of contracts, the conditions for concluding contracts, the conditions for their validity, applicability and their being binding, and determining the scope of the contract insofar as persons and content, and the rules for interpreting a contract and the reasons for the invalidation of a contract. This is alongside studying the theory of individual management as a source of obligation, and the principles of liability for negligence resulting from personal damage or from a third party, and the liability resulting from the actions of things, in addition to a study of the rules of beneficial action as a sources engendering obligation, and law as an analytical study of legislative principles in the Jordanian civil code, its sources and comparative legislation supported by judicial decisions.

701131 Principles of Commercial Law                                                              (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701111

This course is concerned about the general principles in the commercial law, then it handles the emergence of commercial law and its development. Then studying commercial works by its kinds according to the Jordanian trade law, and notifying the merchant and the conditions that are necessary to occur for the acquisition of this attribute. And what results from its commitments as holding the ledgers and registering in the commercial register. And the necessity of possessing a commercial address or a trade name.

And also studying the commercial contracts generally according to the trade law with the notifying of the Jordanian electronic dealing law. Then choosing some of these contracts to study in detail as the commercial mortgage contract, agency by commission, brokerage then the transfer contracts.

701161 Public International Law                                                                       (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

Definition of public international law, its relations with internal law, the basis of its enforceability, its sources and the general theory of the State.

This course also aims the International persons other than states, in terms of the bodies conducting international relations; international responsibility, peaceful settlement of international conflicts and the law of armed conflicts.

701213 Civil Law / Rules of Obligation                                                              (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701112

This course concentrates on the effects of obligation, its execution which protects the creditor's rights. It also covers evidence law.

701232 Bankruptcy and Company Law                                                            (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701131

This subject deals with commercial companies in view of its evolution, its formation, its registration, administration, dissolution and liquidation. And deals with bankruptcy in view of its legal effects, administration of the bankrupt assets, the board of bankruptcy, conciliation, rehabilitation and the crimes of bankruptcy and liquidation.

701291 Legal Terminology in English/French                                                   (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701111

This course seeks to introduce the student to English or French legal terminology, which corresponds to Arabic legal terms. This course aims also at providing students with English or French technical legal terms and some applications of these terms in some areas of law and to develop the students ability in translation.

701314 Nominated Contracts                                                                              (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701213

This course aims to study the most popular contracts such as sale and lease contracts. The study will concentrate on the definition, characteristics, elements, the legal effects and termination of such contacts. Some consideration will also be given to the law of LandLords and Tenants.

701315 Labour Law and Social Security Law                                                  (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701213

Importance of the law of labor, its characteristics, development, domain, sources and independence vis-a-vis the other branches of law, legal regulations of the individual and collective contracts of labor. Regarding social security law, Its importance, development, and sphere of application. Rules of insurance against labour accidents, occupational diseases, old age disability and death, particularly in Jordan, insurance against temporary disability, comprehensive health insurance, family grants, and insurance against unemployment.

701316 Insurance Contracts                                                                               (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701314

This course is an introduction to the insurance contract according to old and modern concepts, and the basis on which is based the insurance contract in general, and the origin and development of this contract in foreign and Arab societies, and the parts of insurance and the characteristics of each part, and the opinions of Muslim jurists on the insurance contract in general.

The course also deals with risk in insurance insofar as its condition, a study of the premium, and the elements those go into determining it. Moreover, the element of interest in both insurance of things and persons, and the characteristics of the insurance contract and its conclusions from the legal and technical aspects. The study also includes: the effects of the contract and the obligations of the insured and the insurer according to the insurance contract, the legal maturation, the direct lawsuit and prescription.

701325 E-Administrative Laws                                                                           (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702121

This course covers the concept of Electronic Management, its objectives, its benefits, its types, and its ways and guarantees to success. It also addresses the display of the stages of transformation to the Electronic Management and its troubles.

Topics of this course is also the e-government by approaching the concept of the e-government , its scope, its elements and its advantages and its impact on the legal system of the public utilities and its ways on management, and also the requirements of  building the e-government.

This course deals also with the principle of equality and the principle of functioning of public services regularly and its ability to change. And also study the acts of the legal electronic General administration, such as electronic administrative decisions, its ways to be taken and the electronic administrative contract and electronic voting, electronic signature and proof-mail and electronic services and electronic composition of the bodies and the role of administrative control in the prevention of cyber-crimes.

701333 Commercial Papers and Banking Transactions                                   (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701131

This course aims to study the introduces commercial papers, their characteristics, historical development and the efforts to unify the banking law, and then, a study of the withdrawal voucher in respect of its objective and formal conditions, and the return on fulfilling obligations and trading, the maturation date and its conditions, and the case of the bearer referring to the signatories of the bond (voucher) and its conditions, and intervention in acceptance and fulfillment of obligation and its conditions, and prescription and its rules. The course also deals with the order voucher (bond) and its objective and formal conditions, and the manner of trading with it and the rules applied to it, and the check and its objective and formal conditions, and dealings in it, and the manner of presenting it for payment, and withdrawal (recourse) and its conditions, and the multiplicity of copies, distortion and prescription

This course study also the module deals with banking transactions (operations) insofar as the importance of banks in economic life and the commercial attribute of banking activities and bank accounts, deposits, current accounts, transfers and bank letter of credits, and other activities such as discounting, guarantees and documentary letters of credit..

701341 Civil Law / Real Rights                                                                           (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701314

This course aims to study the original real rights, right of ownership, its sphere, means of protection, and the restrictions thereupon. Kinds of ownership, causes of its acquisition, and the rights emanating the reform (Right of disposition, easement, right of user, right of residence, usufruct), consequential real rights: security mortgage, possessive mortgage, rights of privilege.

701417 Law of Civil Procedures                                                                         (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701341

This course addresses the theme of judicial organization and its function, and the fundamental principles upon which rests the Jordanian judicial organization, and the constitution of secular courts (non-religious courts), their types and specializations (competences). Furthermore, a study of the civil lawsuit since its filing, and the conditions for accepting and making notification of it, and the procedures of the principles of litigation, the conduct of trials and their roles, and the attendance and absence of the litigants (disputants) and the procedures for presenting evidences and the facets of using the lawsuit insofar as requests for entry and intervention, the requests (petitions) of plaintiffs and defendants, statements of defense, the aspects of the lawsuit, the payment of money, dismissal of lawsuit and issuing a judicial decision, the types of judicial decisions, the methods, terms and procedures for appealing decisions, and the principles of litigation before the court of appeal, and appealing through the court of cassation a scientific study of the Jordanian civil procedure law buttressed by practical application of procedures before the courts and their formal and objective conditions, and the most important judicial decisions and interpretations of the Jordanian court of cassation- and comparisons.. 

701418 Private International Law                                                                      (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701417

This course is an Introduction to the nature of private international relations, conflict of laws, the rules relating to international jurisdiction of national courts and enforcement of foreign judicial decisions, and domicile.

701434 Transportation Law                                                                               (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701131

This course deals with the legal regime of the ship, its definition, nature, entity and ownership. Then it tackles the persons of ship especially owner, consignor, and captain, and their liabilities. Finally it studies the contract of ship exploitation, mainly transport and charter, sea accidents and the contract of sea insurance. In addition, this course also examines the Air transportation contract with the right and obligations deriving from it.

701435 Commercial Contracts                                                                            (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701232

This course aims to clarify the definition, the importance, the various kinds, and the legislative arrangements of commercial contracts, as well as the theoretical and practical principles of drafting commercial contracts in their objective and subjective manner.

In addition, the course focuses on teaching some commercial contracts that are frequently used by the commercial sector.

701436 Intellectual Property Rights                                                                   (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701131

This course gives a general and essential introductory course to the Intellectual Property Rights, Its definition, legal nature and kinds including letters patent with concentration upon its formal and objective requirements; suits for its revocation. Its termination and international and internal means of protection. Trademarks, their legal requirements, their issuance, registration, termination and protection. Industry samples; trade titles, and copy/rights 

701437 E-Commerce Laws                                                                                 (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701131

This course deals with the most important legal aspects that arise from the utilization of the electronic information systems based on an elucidation of the nature of the information systems and communication means, and their constituents, and the extent of their impact on the various branches of law. Electronic trade (E-commerce) is defined alongside its rules, and an overview of the concept of electronic contracting, electronic mail, electronic signature and the extent of their validity as evidence. This is in addition to a study of some electronic banking transactions and the crimes committed through electronic means of communication, alongside shedding light on the relation of electronic systems with the rules of copyright. This study is a comparative analytical theory of the Jordanian electronic transactions law, the unitary standard law and international conventions buttressed by interpretations and judicial applications. 

701442 Law of Evidence and Enforcement                                                       (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701417

This course aims to study the definition of judicial evidence, nature of its rules and its requirements. Burden of proof and rules and its requirements. Burden of proof and rules governing it. Means of proof in the Jordanian evidence Act and their procedures. The execution Act and the department of execution and its power. Means of compulsory execution upon the indebted property.

701443 Research Project                                                                                     (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : Completion of 100 Hours

This course focuses on imparting the methods of writing legal research and the academic methodology, and write a specialized research paper on it under the supervision of his academic adviser, who directs and follows up with him from the time of choosing the research topic and the drawing up of his plan and the stages of preparation, and what he requires insofar as the necessity of using educational sources, and the manner of documenting the sources.

701453 Nationality Law and Foreigners Status                                                (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701111

This course is concerned about the general rules of nationality, the relation of nationality, original nationality, acquired nationality, loss of nationality, conflict of nationalities, the natural and legal persons in the Jordanian and international laws.

702121 Administrative Law (1)                                                                           (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701111

This course tackles the definition, the development, the sources, the characteristics and the scope of the administrative law. In addition, it deals with the administrative regime concerning both centralizations and decentralization style of administration. In addition, it examines other important issues: the public service and the public finance.

702151 Political Systems and Constitutional Law                                             (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

This course gives a general background about the concept of state, its elements, characters, origins and types. In addition to this, it deals with the concept of government, its types with more concentration on the democratic systems through the election systems. It also concentrates, in a separate chapter, on the government and its forms, with special concern on the democratic systems, elections systems, and finally the principle of separation of powers. It shed the light on the types of democracy and political systems through the principle of separation of powers.

The main purpose of this course is to make a revision of the general principles of constitutional law by discussing the types of constitutions, their origins, nature, supremacy and how they end.

702171 Criminal Law / General Part                                                                 (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701111

This course considers the general theory of both the crime and the penalty. It begins with the definition and functions of the criminal law and its relationship with other branches of law. A reference is also made to main elements of any crime and to the main types of crimes. The discussion moves then to the penalty, including the main types of penalties, the purpose of punishment and the circumstances because of which the punishment can be increased or decreased.

702222 Public Finance and Tax Law                                                                 (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702121

This course concentrates on the finance of the State: the main source of the public budget and fields in which the budget must be distributed and how the budget of the State can be prepared. It also considers the tax theory and its application in Jordanian law in the light of the 1952 Constitution and the relevant statutes.

702223 Administrative Law (2)                                                                           (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702121

This course deals with the main functions of the administrative bodies, which are the public discipline and the supervision of public service organization. In addition, it deals with the main tolls by which the administration may play its role properly: administrative decisions and administrative contracts.

702224 Administrative Judiciary                                                                        (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702223

This course covers the definition and development of administrative judiciary in France, Egypt, and Jordan. It mainly concentrates on the principle of legality and its main implications especially the judiciary control over the administrative decisions. A reference is made in this course in particular to position in Jordan in the light of the High Court of Justice.

This course also aims at studying the high judiciary court of justice through discussing its powers, its characters.

702252 Jordanian Constitutional Law                                                               (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702151

This course gives a general background about the Constitutional history of the Kingdom, the constitutionalization of authority and of the Political life in Trans-Jordan since the Basic Law of 1928, the Constitution of 1947, the Constitution of 1952. 

702272 Criminal Law / Crimes Against Persons                                               (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702171

This course is a detailed study of certain criminal acts that are mentioned in the penal code perpetrated against the life of persons, namely, intentional murder with its types, its aggravating and extenuating circumstances, and also crimes affecting the physical soundness of persons, which are crimes involving willfully causing harm, with its types and aggravating and extenuating circumstances. Also addressed is unintentional killing and injury. Moreover, a study of the most important moral and ethical crimes, namely, adultery, rape and violation of honor.

702273 Criminal Law / Crimes Against Movable Assets                                  (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702272

This course aims a general idea about crimes against property in general, in addition to an in-depth and detailed study of the foremost and the most widespread crimes in society, namely, theft, fraud, and non-payment of debt; moreover, a detailed study of crimes concomitant with these three crimes, such as crimes involving checks.

702354 Civil Rights and Liberties                                                                       (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702151

This course aims to study the significance of right and liberty, guarantees of liberties, principle of separation of authorities, principle of law’s soveregnity, judicial control, parliamentary opposition, the rights and liberties according to the Jordanian Constitution and the complementary laws. The progress marked lately in this field esp. the formulation of the Jordanian National Charter.

702362 International Organization Law                                                            (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701161

The concept of international organization, organization’s legal entity applicable law to the organization, its membership, state’s representation of the organization, distribution of the organization’s jurisdiction, making, its financing, the United Nations, regional organizations, and the Arab League.

702364 International Humanitarian Law                                                          (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702362

This course deals with the definition of international humanitarian law and its basic principles. It also covers the relationship between this law and the international law of human rights. This course gives a general background about the organisation, nature and sources of international Humanitarian law including (Geneva and Hague Conventions) and the structure of the ICRC and other committees. Moreover, this course mainly concentrates on the implementation, and application of this law on international and non international conflicts and the group of peoples who will be benefited from this protection including the captures, and the civilians. It also covers the new attitude towards codifying humanitarian law.  

702365 Diplomatic Consular Law                                                                      (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702362

This course provides the student with an historical idea about the origin and development of the diplomatic law; it also discusses diplomatic immunity and privileges enjoyed by the diplomatic corps, and consular corps people. Furthermore, the course explains the development of the international conventions towards diplomats. The course ends with an examination of Vienna treaties of 1961 and 1963 which laid the modern legal foundations for Diplomatic Law, immunity and consular and diplomatic privileges.

702366 Environmental Law                                                                                (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701161

This course covers the concept of Man’s right to environment as a human right, legal protection of environment whether international, Stockholm Declaration of 1971, and the Convention on the Prohibition of Environment Use for Military Purposes of 1976, and national, Jordanian Law of Environment.

702375 Information Technology Crimes                                                           (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702273

This course includes studying the penal protection of the electronic transactions, web sites and the personal information. This is in addition to the protection of money, electronic commerce, money laundry crimes by using electronic means, infringement crimes on computer programs, intellectual property, protections of communications networks and electronic cheques, infringement crimes on trademarks, financial brokers crimes, electronic signature crimes and electronic consumer protection crimes.

702443 Judiciary Applications                                                                            (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701341

This course concetrate on the practical application of the law before courts by selecting some cases and certain contreverisial areas of the law.

702463 Human Rights                                                                                         (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702362

This course covers the concept of the development of international recognition of Human Rights, Human Rights under the United Nations, International Declaration of Human Rights, the two international Covenants of Human Rights, other International Conventions of Human Rights, European Convention of Human Rights, American Convention of Human Rights, African Charter of Human Rights and rights of peoples, Human Rights as seen by Arab and Muslim organizations.  Finlay, Jordan and the International conventions on Human Rights.

702474 Law of Criminal Procedures                                                                 (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702273

This course aims a definition of criminal procedure, public lawsuit (legal rules relating to its initiation, competent authorities, ways of termination), theories governing criminal procedure: theories of jurisdiction, nullification, and proof, stages of criminal procedure: investigation, deduction, preliminary examination, trial, and contesting criminal decisions.

702476 Forensic Medicine                                                                                   (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702273

This course aims to study the definition, means of requesting help from forensic medical doctors in judiciary proceedings and investigations including medical reports, inspection of dead bodies, their autopsy and reasons of death.

702481 Jurisprudence Personal Status (1)                                                         (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 701111

This course with all that relates to the organization of the family in Islam based on the stipulations of the Jordanian personal status law beginning with the engagement, until the marriage contract, with all that it entails in terms of rights and obligations for the married couple. The conditions for the validity of the nuptial contract and its applicability, the rights of the children insofar as the establishment of affiliation to the family, nursing, rearing, and the dissolution of the marriage contract and the wisdom of it, while mentioning the ways to end the marriage.

702482 Jurisprudence Personal Status (2)                                                         (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 702481

This course gives the introduction to inheritance and what is related to it in rights, while focusing on wills, their conditions, pillars and the bases of applying mandatory testaments, and the existence of more than one testament and their invalidity.

This course clearly addresses inheritance in Islamic Law insofar as its necessity, pillars and conditions, in addition to designating the inheritors from among men and women through statutory portion or group or kinship and other inheritance themes such as sustenance restitution, disassociation, the inheritance of un unborn child, the missing, victim of destruction, the drowned and traffic accidents victims.

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