Information Technology Eyad Mohammad Khader

Eyad Mohammad Khader

Office 3221 Ext No 3221

Email :

Administrative Position : Computer Lab Supervisor

Qualification : Information Technology

Graduate Of: Jordanian Korean Institute / Institute of Examination and Training

Diploma in Business Administration Heba Saeed Tout

Heba Saeed Tout

Office 3323 Ext No 3010

Email :

Administrative Position : Secretary

Qualification : Diploma in Business Administration

Graduate Of: Amman Training Center / Naur

Print & Imaging Mohammad A.Aziz Odeh

Mohammad A.Aziz Odeh

Office 3126 Ext No 3126

Email :

Administrative Position : Technical Design Magazines & Announcement

Qualification : Print & Imaging

Graduate Of: Royal Jordanian Geographic Center

Radio & Television  Tayseer Abdelhadi Aljimzawi

Tayseer Abdelhadi Aljimzawi

Office 3125 Ext No 3125

Email :

Administrative Position : Supervisor Studio Radio and TV

Qualification : Radio & Television

Graduate Of: Yarmouk University

Bachelor Degree in Media and Journalism Dua’a Mahmoud Mohammad ALsrayreh

Dua’a Mahmoud Mohammad ALsrayreh

Office 3124 Ext No 3124

Email :

Administrative Position : Technical studio radio and TV

Qualification : Bachelor Degree in Media and Journalism

Graduate Of: University of Petra

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Prof. Tayseer Abu Arja
We seek in the Media Faculty to extremely prepare our students in scientific and ...
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