The Department was established with the founding of the University of Petra in 1991. It offers a B.A. program designed to prepare students for a wide variety of careers in Journalism. The course of study is both broad and deep emphasizing the varieties the journalism profession.
Through the provision of quality education, the Journalism Department is looking forward to the leadership among the journalism departments, well known in Jordan and the region.
The Journalism Department is committed to providing quality academic programs; To graduate professionals who have the knowledge and skills required to achieve success in their work.
  • To teach the students the essential skills and principles of journalistic writing.
  • To train the students how to use the contemporary tools and techniques of print media production
  • To develop the creative journalistic writing.
  • To improve and strengthen the cooperation and partnership between the Department of Journalism at the University of Petra and the local community.
  • To strengthen the academic links between Petra University and other Jordanian private and public universities and other Arab and international universities. 
Excellence, professionalism, creativity, quality. 
Department Chair's Message, Dr. Nisreen Abdallah

Department Chair
We believe that the word is a message, and the message is honesty and that investment
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