Tasks of Innovation Center
  • Development of standards and procedures for student projects and training.
  • Encourage Community service with issues related to technology.
  • A repository and a permanent expedition for students projects.
  • Converts non-curricula activities.
  • Skills Training.
  • Evaluation of submitted projects.
  • Assist students and faculty members with patenting their work.
  • Competition Based learning.
The Innovation Center will be administered by members of the faculty who have extensive practical and research experience.
It will work as an umbrella for the following faculty clubs and teams:
  • SAC: Students Activity Club.
  • .Net Club.
  • Open Source Club.
  • Mobile Applications Club.
  • Soft Skills Club.
  • Public Relations and Publicity.
  • Social Service Club.
Services Provided
  • Assist students and faculty members with Intellectual Property Registration.
  • Assist and promote the concept of Patent Filing.
  • Promote the concept of Entrepreneurship.
  • Assist students with their senior projects.
  • Promote the concept of Competition Based Learning.
  • Promote the idea of multidisciplinary Projects.
  • Establish relations with local Industry, research centers, other faculties, Social Service Centers.
  • Provide hands-on training for students.
  • Social Service.
  • Permanent Show room for projects.
Event Calendar
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