Nesreen Otoum

7300 7300

Administrative Position : Assistant Professor

Qualification : Ph.D

Email :

Specialization: Software Engineering

Graduate Of: Loughborough University

Welcome to the Software Engineering Department at University of Petra. I am proud to lead this young, energetic, and enthusiastic department. Our department is one of the fastest growing departments in one of the fastest growing Universities in Jordan. Over the years, this department has experienced tremendous growth in its faculty, student body, and research facilities.
In rapidly evolving field like software engineering, a major challenge is to remain current and to remain a leader in these changing and developing fields. We are very proud of the unique branding of our academic programs, practical and flexible with lasting foundational knowledge, matching well with the needs of today's Software Engineering driven society.
I am very enthusiastic about leading the department in the coming years with the strong support of our dynamic faculty, hard working staff, and ambitious students.
Dr.Nesreen Ahmad Otoum

Chair, Software Engineering Department
Head of Department

Head of Department
Head of Department
It is with a great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Software Engineering website.
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