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UOP Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) seeks to keep pace with the rapid changes and latest developments in Information Technology. Thus, FIT makes great efforts to improve capabilities of its teaching staff, provide teaching resources, perform research and improve curricula. FIT makes significant efforts to meet the needs of local and regional labor markets by preparing qualified and well trained graduates to serve their community. FIT environment is dynamic, motivating and innovation encouraging, making it an incubator for many ideas impacting not only UOP, but also the local community.
FIT was established in the university year 2003/2004. Within few years after its establishment, FIT has become a role model and one of the first faculties students compete to join because of its excellent academic programs, quality outcomes and its competent teaching and administrative staff. FIT attracts best talents with professional, educational  and research experience and administrative skills.
FIT always seeks to comply with private accreditation standards that have been developed by the Accreditation Council of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in all programs it offers. Moreover, FIT applies international accreditation standards that have been set by international commissions for IT majors. FIT offers various programs that meet labor market needs and keeps pace with latest developments in this rapidly changing area. FIT also set a phased timetable to expand its offerings and achieve outcomes represented  by qualified students.
Teaching and administrative staff
FIT attracts highly qualified teaching staff who possess experience in both teaching and research. The responsibilities of teaching include: Teaching loads, performing research, student advising, contributing to various faculty committees and participation in their activities, serving the local community and joining teaching staff development programs. Each member of teaching has to comply with quality standards and play a major role in the Quality Assurance Process. FIT carefully selects graduates with the proper experience to provide optimal services to students as well as members of teaching staff. FIT team includes: Administrative teaching staff, technical support staff, programmers, network developers, information security specialists, web developers and designers, media officers, e-learning specialists and lab supervisors.
Computer Labs
FIT has a large number of modern computers with computer-to-student ratio of more than 1:1.6 distributed in 15 computer labs. Each lab is equipped with high performing networking equipment and Internet access. The lab computers use Windows and Linux operating systems and various advanced programs that are used in several courses. FIT has a multimedia lab and three advanced labs serving networks used in Cisco training labs to teach CCNA, CCNP, CCNP Wireless, and IP-Telephony courses.
Classrooms and Facilities
FIT Classrooms has been carefully designed to be friendly to students and tutors. Classrooms have been equipped with computers, projectors, screens, white boards, and Internet connection devices.
Centers and forums:
FIT pays attention to all curricular and extracurricular activities through opening centers and forums to hold such activities and train students. These activities are organized through various centers and offices associated with FIT, including:
  • E-learning Center.
  • Quality Assurance Office.
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship Center.
  • Student Advising and Practical Experience Center.
  • Student Activities Club (SAC).
  • NET Club.
  • ITSAF.
  • Microsoft Academy for Information Technology.
  • CISCO Academy.
  • Parallel Training Program (PTP).
Features of FIT Programs:
FIT programs are accredited by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC). Study plans have been carefully formulated to meet the accreditation criteria set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, quality standard for higher education in the United Kingdom (UK), guidance by Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) for computer science major and UOP regulations.
FIT has free labs for the majority of courses to execute practical applications, course projects and graduation projects.
The Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) seeks to be at the frontier in terms of quality education and research in Information Technology at local and regional levels.
To actively contribute in improving information technology profession locally and internationally by providing quality education according to the international standards in order to prepare graduates with employability and research skills and who can contribute actively in serving the community.
  • Professional Career Prospect: The ability to obtain a career with good career prospect in programing and information technology by obtaining wide knowledge of the basics of computer science and information technology and communications.
  • Lifelong Learning and Postgraduate Studies: able to adapt to and keep pace with modern technologies and latest developments in information technology and communication, pursue postgraduate studies and select modern research areas.
  • Leadership and Community Service: able to endow students with communication skills, creative and innovative thinking, and technical skills, build their personality and instill good morals in them and the ability to provide services and continued support to the local community.
Software Engineering210188163151160
Computer Science153154147116117
Computer Information Systems6563433011
Information Security04695124162
Data Science & Artificial Intelligence00097169

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Dean's Message, Prof. Wael Hadi

It is with a great pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) website. FIT is a dynamic faculty considered as an incubator ...
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