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The Department of Basic Sciences was established with the founding ofِِ the University of Petra in 1991, as part of the Faculty of Science, which also included the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science. The aim of establishing the Department of Basic Sciences then was to strengthen the fundamentals of Basic Sciences, such as Physics and Biology for scientific majors at the University. In the year 2001, the Department of Mathematics was closed down and Mathematics courses came under the jurisdiction of the Department of Basic Sciences. Today, the Department is responsible for the Mathematics and Physics courses required for majors in the faculties of Pharmacy, Architecture, Information Technology and Arts and Sciences.
The Department intends to be the home of Basic sciences at the University of Petra.
The mission of the Department is to realize the above vision and those of the Faculty and the University by:
  • Preparing students to enter their specializations smoothly.
  • Promoting mathematics and physics within the context of a liberal education.
  • Providing students with the means for clear, creative, informed and critical scientific thinking.
  • Stimulating a passion for continuous learning and for various modes of reasoning.​​
The Department will expend every effort to have the above vision and mission realized through achieving the following objectives:
  • Provide up-to-date, stimulating and effective learning in the basic mathematical and physical sciences for students in the University, which conform to the highest established international standards.
  • Provide students with essential and sufficient background in maths and physics as required by their departments.
  • Allow students to enjoy the beauty (and the necessity) of mathematics and physics in life.
  • Keep up the highest followed standards applied internationally in equipping students with excellent scientific backgrounds in maths and physics.
  • Enforce the fact that maths and physics are usually considered indicators of the success of scientific student in their undergraduate (and/or graduate) studies.
  • Ensure the continuation of applying high standards of evaluation and grading so that students are filtered at an early stage before they are enrolled in their respective majors.
  • Enforce the necessity and the advantage of having multidisciplinary education that enriches the analytical capabilities of the graduates and which helps them lead a successful life in this complex modern world.
Forthcoming Objectives
The Department of Basic Sciences anticipates the introduction of two new specializations: A major in Mathematics and another in Biology. Additionally, it is now studying the feasibility of establishing a major in Computer Electronics.
Head of Department

Head of Department
On behalf of all faculty and staff members of the Department of Basic Sciences at University of Petra, I, with great pleasure, welcome you to its website...
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