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The Department of Arabic Language and Literature was established in 1991. Faculty members are highly qualified to teach all specialized courses in Arabic Language and Literature.

Preparing students of high caliber to enter the labor market or join postgraduate programs. This cannot be done without empowering students with knowledge and educational skills. Hence, the Department is keen on revising the study plan to include the necessary requirements.  

Paying special attention to compulsory Arabic courses (Arabic 1 & 2) to improve students’ Arabic skills at the university level.
Improving the quality of academic life via participation in events and cultural and academic committees
Developing students' skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The Department aspires to establish strong links with other academic departments within the university and hopes to establish contact with local institutions. The Department gives priority to active participation in the conferences, seminars and forums which are held regularly in other academic departments. Emphasis is also placed on holding conferences and seminars on the University of Petra campus.
  1. Graduating students specializing in Arabic Language and Literature, who are equipped with the ability to engage in the work arena, as well as doing postgraduate programs so as to achieve the demands of knowledge, skill and education in this field of specialization. Additionally, periodically reviewing the Department study plans and updating them.
  2. Providing students of various disciplines in the University with language skills that help them in their university studies, through compulsory university requirements (Arabic 1 and Arabic 2), and constantly improving and developing the level of these courses.
  3. Actively participating in improving the quality of academic life in the Department in particular, and the University in general, and taking part in the activities whether cultural or academic.
  4. Developing relations between the Department / University and the local community by participating in events, seminars and conferences, and being members of cultural and intellectual institutions in particular; as well as holding seminars and conferences on the University campus with the participation of specialists from within and without the University.
  5. Working to raise the academic level of faculty members in the Department, by creating a positive spirit of competitive scientific research, publishing, editing and authoring, whether it is in joint ventures, or individual research.
  6. Continually communicating with the university library and encouraging students to perform research and write reports, as well as reviewing the possibility of adding books on Arabic Language and Literature to the library.
Department Chair's Message

Department Chair
Dr. Aatif kanaan
​It is with a great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Arabic Language & Literature website.​
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