The Faculty of Architecture and Arts has been distinguished for the last few years in its graduates’ professional qualifications. We are proud to be well known as one of the best faculties in the fields of specialization in Jordan. In order to maintain our success, we have been working with our students as a team to build enduring relationships, lead with integrity, think conceptually and evolve constantly.
Our collaboration helped our students to inspire, imagine and improve their ideas and concepts in relation to the futuristic approaches. Dealing with design intelligence to broad skills, having a challenging curriculum in design, with emphasis on individual creativity, cultural understanding, historic appreciation with contributions by the professionals to Art and Science of building and design with full consciousness to physical, social, economical and cultural values prevailing in a particular place and time, with an exposure towards the latest trends in design and technologies in the three departments of the Faculty.
It is expected from our graduates to be able to plan intelligently, stimulate artistic sensitivity, have a creative power, self-confidence and strengthen intellectual ability in appropriate decisions, with innovative ideas to serve the acquired community. Thus, it is achieved with a series of project oriented programs inspired by professional experience needed in contemporary practice.
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Dr. Hadeer Merza
The Faculty of Architecture and Arts has been distinguished for the last few years...
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