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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the University of Petra, a college that carries a creative message for the distinguished advancement of architecture and design in the local and regional environment, and to serve the local community artistically, technically and aesthetically, and in keeping with the latest achievements in human civilization.

The Faculty of Architecture and Design was established at the University of Petra in two departments: Architecture and Interior Design in 1991-1992. The Department of Graphic Design joined them in 2003, then the Department of Animation and Multimedia in 2016, and in 2022 the Department of Digital Film Design Technology was established.

The Faculty is distinguished by its applied specialties, which inherits it with a specificity that makes it constantly communicate with the labor market, put forward realistic projects to train students during their studies, and pay attention to the infrastructure of international standards. The Faculty has provided a laboratory for learning resources to help students study, in addition to two theatres, two halls for theoretical lectures, twenty-three drawing rooms, seven computer laboratories, a lighting and acoustics laboratory, a silk screen laboratory, a ceramics laboratory, a photography laboratory, a laboratory for preparing architectural models, a large studio for fine arts, a carpentry and metal workshop, and a permanent exhibition hall for students' work.

The Faculty attaches special importance to life skills that are integrated into various courses, including teamwork skills, working under pressure, time management, communication, leadership and creativity. This is supported by qualified professors with a regional and international reputation from the best universities, in addition to long experiences with various local and international institutions. The college is also keen on organizing extracurricular activities, communicating with employers to evaluate students, and providing feedback, in addition to paying attention to serving the local community, which provides many opportunities to engage in volunteer work.

The Faculty provides everything necessary to encourage scientific research, prepare the necessary resources and references, computers, and agreements with prestigious international universities, in addition to memorandums of understanding with local and international institutions to contribute to supplying the local and regional market with competitive expertise. The Faculty holds an annual exhibition of its students' works, which is an excellent opportunity to celebrate students' creativity and contribute to building a distinguished reputation.​

​​Faculty Dean of Architecture & Design

Dr. Amer ​Al-Jokhadar

Dean's Message, Dr. Amer Al-Jokhadar

Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the University of Petra, a college that carries a creative message for the distinguished ...
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