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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
202101 Basic Design (1)                                                                 (3:1-2)
Prerequisite: None
The creation and organization of formal elements (line, shape, value, color, texture, size & direction) in a two – dimensional work of art characterized by balance, harmony, emphasis, unity and variety.
202102 Basic Design (2)                                                                 (3:1-2)
Prerequisite: 202101
A continuation of Basic Design (1) with a focus on 3-dimensional works of art created through massing, spatial organization and transformation of forms.
202105 Two – Dimensional Technical Drawing                              (3:1-2)
Prerequisite: None
Technical drawing of basic design elements and geometrical shapes. Sectional, multi-view, and paraline manual drawing.
202106 Shade, Shadow and Perspective                                       (3:1-2)
Prerequisite: 202105
Principles of constructing shade and shadow on forms and surfaces under the influence of daylight. Technical drawing methods of one-point and two-point perspectives of the interior and exterior types.
202124 Color Theory                                                                       (3:2-1)
Prerequisite: None
Color phenomenon and color schemes for Interior Design purposes focusing on their psychological effects and symbolic meanings as perceived in natural settings.
202201 Presentation Techniques                                                   (2:0-2)
Prerequisite: 202106
Basic techniques for rendering interior design drawings through using different mediums such as pencil, ink, water colors and gouache.
202203 Photography for Interior Designers                                  (1:0-1)
Prerequisite: None
Basic principles of photography by using conventional and digital cameras. Exercises concentrate on the inside spaces within buildings, small objects and outdoors.
202206 Research Skills in Interior Design                                     (2:2-0)
Prerequisite: None
Research methods in Interior Design. Strategies for collecting and interpreting qualitative and quantitative materials. Verification and conclusions.
202208 Painting                                                                              (3:1-2)
Prerequisite: None
The usage and practice of oil, acrylic, water-colors and other mediums for painting different images of still – life type and natural settings.
202211 Interior Design (1)                                                            (4:1-3)
Prerequisite: 202105 + 202102
Basic elements and principles of interior design focusing on the use of colors, textures, unit, scale, balance, and 3-D models through dealing with small projects of the residential type.
202212 Interior Design (2)                                                            (4:1-3)
Prerequisite: 202211
Extension to Interior Design (1) with an emphasis on modern design trends and creative solutions for commercial building facades and interiors.
202235 History of Modern Architecture & Interior Design            (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 201132
Study of modern and contempory architectural styles from the Early industrial revolution era until present under the influence of the social, physical, technological, political and aesthetic affecting forces.
202242 Computer-Aided Design (1)                                              (3:1-2)
Prerequisite: None
Introduction to computer drafting and design programs including basic concepts and applications for presentation and representation purposes.
202253 Building Construction Methods                                          (2:1-1)
Prerequisite: 202105
Introduction to building construction methods focusing on and structural components of interior spaces in general and residential interiors in particular.
202254 Building Construction Materials and Finishes                    (3:2-1)
Prerequisite: 202253
General overview of the construction and finish materials of interior space elements like walls, floors, stairs, ceilings, columns, doors, windows, and fireplaces with an emphasis on their visual properties and qualities.
202255 Technical Manual and Workshops                                      (3:1-2)
Prerequisite: None
Building materials and finishes (especially wood, iron, & steel) as they are executed and utilized in the industry including necessary tools and equipment.
202315 Interior Design (3)                                                            (4:1-3)
Prerequisite: 202212
Design solutions to selected interior spaces of specialized public buildings with a concentration on circulation, furnishings, aesthetic values, and identities.
202316 Interior Design (4)                                                            (4:1-3)
Prerequisite: 202315
Extention to Interior Design (3) with an emphasis on bigger and more complex spaces through the use of established measures and criteria as needed and desired.
202324 Sociology and Psychology of Interior Design                    (2:2-0)
Prerequisite: None
Introduction to human behavior in built environments focusing on the socio-psychological influences of the designed interior spaces on their users.
202341 Computer-Aided Design (2)                                              (3:1-2)
Prerequisite: 202242
Applications of computer programs for producing interior perspective drawings to represent the designed spaces after execution as in reality.
202351 Lighting and Acoustics                                                       (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 202211, 202254
Natural and artificial light-sources and calculated levels. Noise levels and the relationship with the form of interior spaces. Treatments of inside surfaces and the recommended forms to achieve the desired level of lighting and acoustics.
202354 Detail Drawings                                                                  (3:2-1)
Prerequisite: 202254
The preparation of details and working drawings for executing interior spaces as designed and decorated. Built-in furniture, fittings and other visual features are included.
202371 Textiles and Furnishings                                                    (2:1-1)
Prerequisite: None
Introduction to different textiles used in the design and furnishing interior architectural spaces. Printing, carpeting, wall coverings and hangings are included.
202373 Furniture Design (1)                                                          (3:2-1)
Prerequisite: None
Review of furniture types and styles from early civilizations throughout history to the industrial revolution with a concentration on selected examples and applications.
202374 Furniture Design (2)                                                          (3:1-2)
Prerequisite: 202373
Continuation of Furniture Design (1) to cover the modern and contemporary styles. Related design projects and assignments including execution steps and supervision. 
202415 Interior Design (5)                                                            (4:1-3)
Prerequisite: 202316
Special Interior Design solutions to multiple connected spaces of complex function the adjacent exterior spaces as well.
202421 Analysis and Criticism in Interior Design                          (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 202235, 202324
Analysis and interpretation of selected Worldwide interior designs focusing on concepts, details, behavioral impact, styles, furnishings, finishes & decorative objects.
202429 Special Topics in Interior Design                                       (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
Topics of special importance to Interior Designers decided upon by the department council as needed and desired.
202452 Specifications and Quantities                                            (2:2-0)
Prerequisite: 202354
The preparation of a complete set of technical specifications and bills of quantities for an Interior Design project considering codes, cost and professional practice regulations.
202454 Advanced Working Details                                                 (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 202354
Working details that embody technological advances in material treatments and applications as well as pioneering intellectual concepts in the area of Interior Design.
202456 Professional Practice and Project Management               (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 202354
New trends and management systems in the professional practice of Interior Design area making use of digital programs and advanced technologies.
202473 Specialized  Furniture Design                                            (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 202374
Study of special styles and types of furniture for new interior and exterior spaces of specialized purposes and functions.
202491 Graduation Project Research                                            (2:2-0)
Prerequisite: 202206, 202316
Collecting and interpreting necessary data for creating a fit creative solution to a selected Interior Design project. Final report should clearly indicate results as well as alternative design concepts and ideas.
202492 Graduation Project                                                             (6:0-6)
Prerequisite: 202491
Comprehensive solution to the selected graduation project including clear trend or philosophy, clear concept and full details. All well presented and organized.
Department Chair's Message, Dr. Naser Al-Mughrabi

Department Chair
The university prepared a distinct interior design study plan, a total of 143 credit hours, to grant Bachelor's Degree in this specialty. The academic study includes mandatory ...
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