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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

Graphic design is an exciting and continually evolving field in today's economy. Graphic designers create for print and digital applications in advertising, packaging, publishing, branding, Motion graphics, video, photography... and more.

Graphic Design program at the University of Petra prepares students with the fundamental skills to create visual responses to the communication challenges of the contemporary world.

Our students gain vital experience in c​onceptual development, exploration of visual media and proficiency in creative technology.

The Department grants a Bachelor Degree (BA) in Graphic Design. The studying period is 4 years by having 137 credit hours, distributed as follows: 

  • 24 Cr as university requirements (compulsory and elective).
  • 24 Cr as faculty requirements (compulsory and elective).
  • 89 Cr departmental requirements (compulsory and elective).

The student must complete uninterrupted 3-mounth field training in specialized companies.

The departmental academic courses satisfy the constant needs for Graphic Design's crucial role in the local economy and international advertising and promotion fields in line with temporal and cultural needs.

The department strives to be the best choice for graphic design majors in Jordan and the region.

Providing a scientific, cultural, and social environment capable of developing creative and innovative design thinking, developing the skills of its members, enhancing their role in community service, and preparing graphic design graduates capable of competing in the industry market.​

  1. Supply The labor market by qualified staff with an integrated structure of skills and knowledge to build a successful career in graphic design.
  2. linking students directly to the labor market by focusing and training on field applications in graphic design.
  3. Develop the basic skills of students for the preparation of scientific and applied research in the field of graphic design.
  4. Develop students' skills and abilities in the management, evaluation, design and implementation of projects in the field of graphic design.
  5. To give students the skills and abilities to use design technology in various graphic design applications.
  6. Develop students' skills and abilities in oral, written, and visual communication, teamwork, analysis, creative thinking, problem solving and self-building in a way that serves the culture and values of society.
  7. To enhance students' awareness of the response to various environmental changes and their effects on graphic design areas.
  8. Refining students' lifelong learning skills.

Department Chair's Message, Dr. Mohammad Khairy

Department Chair
The Graphic Design Program was established at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Private University of Petra in ...
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