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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
It is always a pleasure of mine to welcome you to the webpage of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Petra. I hope that your visit to our webpage will be fruitful and informative, as I intend to provide you with a brief introduction about our prosperous faculty and to describe the fundamental educational and practical principles that all of us at the faculty hold dearly and apply rigorously to meet the current and ever-evolving global challenges of the engineering professions.

The Faculty of Engineering is a newly established and thriving engineering center, with tremendous opportunity to become a leading education and research institute.The journey of the Faculty of Engineering started by establishing the beautiful Civil Engineering Department that is fully functional and has already delivered two batches of graduates until today. Since its inauguration, the Civil Engineering Department was carefully set on the right track with the proper study plans, curricula, state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories, cutting-edge technologies, outstanding infrastructure and workshops, highly supportive and committed academics and staff, and amazingly ambitious students, to create a distinguished research, teaching and learning environment. The journey of the Faculty of Engineering continues with enthusiasm, wisdom, and confidence, as elaborate studies are undertaken to consistently improve the already existing Civil Engineering Department as well as to explore the potentials of establishing other top quality departments that will produce well qualified engineers that are highly sought after in Jordan and the surrounding countries. A futuristic vision of the Faculty of Engineering shows a well recognized engineering innovation hub, with various exquisite engineering departments extending in a multidisciplinary sustainable action to welcome all of our students, nourish their needs, and provide them with transformational educational experiences that will empower and enable them to further grow as thinkers, doers, professionals and leaders; all being capable of making a difference with solutions that matter in the circle of life.

The Faculty of Engineering currently offers a 5-year Civil Engineering Bachelor Program that is accredited regionally and is in the process of applying for ABET accreditation. Every effort is undertaken in the faculty to make sure that our students acquire comprehensive engineering education, excellent technical experience,and a complete set of skills to help them launch their engineering careers and later on smoothly adapt to the enormous and rapid changes in their profession and associated technologies,during their relentless pursuit of innovations. I do believe that our graduates will enjoy impressive employment opportunities and, for those interested, will be able to pursue graduate studies at highly ranked universities all over the world.

Thank you very much for your visit to our webpage. I hope you found the information presented here useful. In case you are interested to know more about us, please note that the friendly people at the Faculty of Engineering are always there to welcome you and answer all your questions. When you decide to join us, whether to work or study, remember that you are not just a number, as we will encourage, celebrate and reward your success.

Dr. Ziad N. Taqieddin

Dean of Engineering

September 1st, 2020

Dean's Message, Dr. Ziad Taqieddin

The Faculty of Engineering at Petra University is planned to be a leading education and research institute. We pride ourselves for having the study plans, curriculum, teaching ...
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