Petra University introduced a new graduate program leading to Master's degree in Marketing (MSc in Marketing) to meet the needs of the markets for qualified personnel with appropriate knowledge and advanced real life experience in marketing.
The program has two tracks; each track is composed of 33 credit hours covering main fields in Marketing. It will be supervised by a group of specialized professionals in their fields, and uses up-to-date teaching methods based on modern learning technology.
  1. Preparing qualified Marketing managers capable of running efficiently all marketing activities in business organizations.
  2. Providing students with advanced knowledge in Marketing so as to meet their future career expectations.
  3. Providing students with necessary skills to conduct field marketing research using scientific methods.
  4. Providing students with advanced qualitative and quantitative tools to study and analyze domestic and international markets.
  5. Providing students with the required skills to use Data Bases to formulate Strategic Marketing Plans and to provide sufficient support to the decision-making process in Marketing.
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