The Department of Banking and Finance aims to provide students with the knowledge and applied skills to qualify them properly to interact with the modern business environment.
Through the linkage between financial concepts and the reality of business in the banking and the financial markets, the program provide a study plan of 132 credit hours Comprising its materials in the areas at the level of university, college and department. also the program has to strengthen its ability to rehabilitate the student in the applied field of specialization by adding electronic trading room directly linked to the Amman stock exchange where students can intern directly on trading business in the financial market, the department works on the development and modernization plan of study to keep up with Arab and foreign universities especially in the areas of computer use and the English language teaching, and giving the importance of scientific research for faculty members and students, the graduates in this specialty are able to work in the various public and private sectors, including central bank, commercial banks and investment company also they can continue their higher education in the Arab and foreign universities, the department has achieved excellent results in the university efficiency exam in past session, one of the department students was one of the top five at the kingdom level in recent cycle.
To be the premier finance department in the region, with a commitment to excellence as measured by exemplary achievement in the three customary dimensions of university performance: teaching, research, and community service.
To fulfill this vision, we will direct our activities toward achieving the following mission:
 - Deliver a high quality education to students.
 - Promote the scholastic development of our faculty.
 - Assess the outcomes of our activities in terms of the success of our program graduates.

• Prepare highly qualified graduates able to compete with students of other universities, and able to pursue graduate studies and enter the job market easily.

• Keep abreast of local and global developments in the area of finance
• Increase student capacity for creative thinking and analysis. 
• Develop student skills related to technology in investment and financial markets.


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Department Chair
Dr. Khalaf Bqain
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Banking and Finance Department at Petra University in ...
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