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Conditions for applying for project incubation:
  1. The applicant must be a UOP student or graduate;
  2. The project must be unique and implementable; and
  3. The project to be incubated must be related to business sector;
Procedures for Project Incubation:
  1. The applicant fills in the approved project incubation application form;
  2. The applications will subject to initial evaluation; and
  3. The qualified applications are referred to a special committee for review under the following criteria:
  4. The applicant makes a presentation on the project before the committee; 
  5. The committee evaluates the project incubation application form, its applicability in labor market;
  6. If approved, the applicant must submit a detailed business plan no later than one month of obtaining the approval; 
  7. In light of the submitted business plan, the project subjects to 3 months probation. At this phase, the applicant does not submit payment guarantee.
  8. The allocations of the project to be incubated are earmarked according to the incubator’s budget;
  9. The shortlisted and earmarked projects are presented to UOP President to take final decision thereon; and
  10. The applicant, upon obtaining the final approval, shall sign an incubation contract and provide and submit a payment guarantee to UOP in the amount specified by the incubator council.
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