The Institute of Internal Auditors:-
Internal auditors are expected to apply and uphold these principles:
The integrity of internal auditors establishes trust, so it provides the basis depend on their judgment.
 Internal auditors make a balanced assessment of all relevant circumstances and not affected by any special interests or by others in forming judgments.
 Internal auditors respect the value and ownership of information they receive and do not disclose information unless there is a legal or professional obligation to do so.

Internal auditors apply the knowledge, skills, and experience needed in the performance of internal auditing services.


Authorities and powers of Internal Auditors:-
  • Access all records and processes, information, and exchange restrictions and arrested ... Etc. Without any obstacles.
  • Writing reports and access to the President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees freely.
  • Prepare plans and determine the nature of the work.
  • To get the required assistance and cooperation of all university staff and use of assistance from outside the university if necessary.


Types of Review:-


  1. Financial Reviews - evaluate the accounting and reporting of financial transactions, including commitments, authorizations and receipts, and disbursement of funds.
  2. Compliance Reviews - determine the degree of adherence to laws, policies, and procedures.
  3. Operational Reviews - examine operating information and the means used to identify, and review the systems established to ensure compliance with policies, procedures, plans, laws, and regulations.
  4. Management Information Systems (MIS Reviews) - evaluate system input, output and processing controls, backup and recovery plans, and system data and physical security.  
  5. System Development and Implementation Reviews - provide input into the control aspects of major information systems development projects. This input is designed to provide important feedback during the formative stages of information systems projects.


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