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The maintenance department is responsible of providing mainteanance services for computer machines and its’ accessories like printers, scanners and display devices, to ensure they work properly in all university facilities.
The maintenance department has the following functionalities:
Head of Department
  • Supervisor: ICT & Control Center Director.
  • Academic Qualification: Diploma of Computer Science.
  • Occupation: Head of maintenance Department.
  • Main Responsibilities:
    1. Follow-up maintenance department team, distribution of tasks and ensure workflow properly.
    2. Follow-up exterior maintenance through sponsorship and free maintenance contracts with specialized companies.
    3. Control frequent breakdowns and create mechanisms and radical solutions to solve them.
    4. Receiving requests for maintenance and distribution of tasks to team work.
    5. To pursue the development and modernization of operating devices.
    6. Follow-up redistribution of operating devices and distribution of new devices.
    7. Monitoring of work progress in Computer labs and supervision of technicians in faculties to ensure that work is properly. Coordination with technicians in case of issuance of any new instructions from the computer center related to the organization of work in laboratories, network and the services provided by the center, such as e-exams, internet and any other online services.
Computer Maintenance Technician
  • Supervisor: Head of maintenance Department.
  • Academic Qualification: Diploma of Computer Science.
  • Occupation: Computer Maintenance Technician.
  • Main Responsibilities:
  1. Follow-up & maintenance of computer hardware and accessories like printers and scanners, and so in all university facilities, and to make sure their work properly.
  2. Installation & maintenance of the required operating systems & to ensure that its work properly.
  3. Follow-up and Installation of required software used in university facilities such as Anti-Viruses, administrative regulations systems, Admission systems etc..., and follow-up problems that appear during use of those systems.
  4. Support lab technicians in faculties.
  5. Provide technical consultancy to the university academic staff.

Office equipment’s Technician

  • Supervisor: Head of maintenance Department.
  • Academic Qualification: Diploma of Computer Science.
  • Occupation: Stationery Maintenance Technician.
  • Main Responsibilities:
    1. Maintenance of office equipment’s like (printers, scanners, photocopiers, projectors, faxes), in university facilities to make sure they work properly.
    2. Follow-up office equipment and provide preventive maintenance tasks periodically.
    3. Follow-up guarantees and maintenance contracts for office equipment with providers & companies.
    4. Follow-up purchasing printer’s inks of original brands in coordination with the Department of Supplies.
    5. Follow-up printers & photocopiers inks replacement and installation, and ensure the safety of enclosures in these devices.
    6. Follow-up surveillance cameras & accessories, with a regular maintenance tasks to ensure they work properly.
    7. Follow-up and maintenance of Data Show devices.
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