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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
UPPC aims at encouraging research and studies in pharmaceutical sciences and offering consulting services in these sciences through:
  1. Performing preclinical efficacy studies on humans and animals;
  2. Performing toxicity studies;
  3. Executing synthesis of organic medicinal compounds studies;
  4. Developing stability indicating methods of analysis for different pharmaceutical products;
  5. Performing training on pharmaceutical technologies, research methodologies and results analysis;
  6. Holding customized workshops on pharmaceutical sciences;
  7. Holding training to graduates in pharmaceutical sciences;
  8. Performing scientific studies on pharmaceutical sciences and drug design and development;
  9. Securing opportunities for supporting research projects of FPMS teaching staff;
  10. Performing preclinical studies on the efficiency of drugs, including studies about clinical pharmacology and care;
  11. Establishing a unit in the Center called “Drug Information and Toxicants” to provide its services to the community.
The UPPC Council of the is formed every two years and assume the following powers and responsibilities:
  1. Formulating UPPC general policies, action plans and programs;
  2. Adopting UPPC annual action plan and submitting it to FPMC Council and to the Council of Deans for approval;
  3. Working on securing financial resources for UPPC;
  4. Building relations with local and foreign public and private entities and other centers with similar scope of work;
  5. Discussing contracts and agreements concluded by UPPC with other entities, submitting them to the Faculty Council, and recommending them to the President for approval;
  6. Adopting UPPC annual budget and submitting it to the President together with the annual report and other reports about UPPC activities;
  7. Executing other missions related to the functions of the Center.
UPPC Director assumes the following powers and duties:
  1. Managing the administrative and financial affairs of the Center and supervising its employees;
  2. Preparing UPPC annual draft budget and submitting it to its Council;
  3. Proposing the UPPC action plans and submitting them to its Council;
  4. Preparing the annual report about UPPC activities and submitting it to its Council;
  5. Establishing internal and external links and communications to support UPPC functions;
  6. Submitting suggestions to develop the UPPC activities in line with its goals;
  7. Executing UPPC Council’s decisions;
  8. Executing other missions assigned to him/her by UOP President or by the Council.
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