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Center for Computer and Information is one of the most important units of support services at the university, where the tasks entrusted to him like standing on the maintenance and the creation of the internal network and maintain databases and financial software programs Admission and taking backups to it, and so of other important services such as the Internet, e-mail and exams etc..

E-Learning Center was established at the University of Petra as a vital education offers technology consulting in the field of e-learning. The Center provides advanced technologies that provide innovative electronic learning solutions that enable the university to achieve Ohdavhaaltalmah , and commercial.
This Center aims to be a main source of all specialized tools and methodologies regarding the development of academic staff in order to raise the academic performance and research at the University of Petra to the level of excellence among universities, local, regional and international.
Continuing education center & community service is one of the university administrative departments, the idea of establishing this center is to meet the needs of students, the faith of the university in providing the training and rehabilitation services and the labor market need for qualified students.

To achieve this goal, the Center provides its students with quality teaching in a number of foreign languages whose countries have economic, political and cultural ties with Jordan. These languages are Spanish, Italian, German, Turkish, Hebrew, Chinese and Russian. They are currently all beginner level courses and prepare students for the more advanced ones that are to be offered in the near future.

The Language Remedial Site is a special zone dedicated to those students who want to improve a specific area or overcome a certain weakness in English.
UOPPC is part of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at University of Petra  (UOP) that has a broad expertise in the planning, execution and interpretation of research data outcomes.
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