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Treatment Procedures in the Medical Center
  1. When the student registers courses for his/her first semester, he/she receives a University Card to be used for healthcare services. This card is replaced each semester;
  2. When the student reviews the Medical Center, an electronic health file is created for him/her. Students' university details, medical center visits, treatments or medical checks are entered into this file;
  3. Medical check is free of charge for students and staff but the prescribed medicine is free of charge for students and covered by 90% for university staff;
  4. If it is found that the student health state requires the consultation of a specialized physician, he/she is transferred using the treatment form which was issued by the contracted insurance company;
  5. If the student health state was critical, he/she is transferred using the Center's Ambulance accompanied with a male first-aid worker for males or a female first-aid worker for females to the Department of Emergency of an approved hospital for treatment or admission according to his/her health state;
  6. The specialized physician issues an admission referral for non-emergency situations. The insurance company shall be informed in advance and the insurance coverage is 100% for all treatment cases in the hospital; and
  7. The contracted insurance companies cover students’ death cases with one thousand Jordanian dinars for each case, provided that they are reported within no more than two weeks of the death date.
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