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Types of Diabetes




Type 1 Diabetes
Children and young people sometimes develop diabetes. People are affected by diabetes when pancreas does not produce insulin at all or produce inadequate amount of insulin. In this case, insulin injections must be taken to restore sugar percentage in blood to its normal level.
The exact cause of developing type 1 diabetes is unknown. Individuals develop type 1 diabetes as a result of immune system destroying the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. Some types of viruses lead to immune system destroying the cells in the pancreas.  Children, adult and young people (under age 30) develop type 1 diabetes.
Type Two
Elderly people develop type 2 diabetes after they exceed thirty years of age. However, type 2 diabetes may affect people under thirty years. There is a significant association between diabetes and obesity. Furthermore, people may be affected by type 2 diabetes due to genetic factors. When one family member develops type 2 diabetes, it spreads among other family members.
The cells of type 2 diabetes patients resist insulin production and pancreas cannot produce a sufficient amount of insulin to resolve this problem. As a result, type 2 diabetes patients need to take medications to help pancreas produce more insulin.
Further reasons behind developing diabetes

The exact cause of developing type 2 diabetes is unknown. The following factors increases the probability of developing diabetes:

  • When one of the family members is affected by diabetes;
  • Developing diabetes during pregnancy period;
  • Using some medicines;
  • Other cases;
  • Age group and it is more than forty years; and
  • Not exercising sports.
Important Points
  • When an individual develops diabetes, his/her body is not able to use sugar that is contained in foods as an energy source.
  • The main source of sugar is food and sugar is the main source that supplies body with energy.
  • Insulin is a hormone that allows sugar to enter body.
  • Treating diabetes requires balancing between regime, food and medications to keep a normal level of sugar in blood.
  • The normal level of sugar in blood varies between 3.9% to 6.0%.