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Causes of Headache at Work




Repeated headache or intense headache not only causes losing working hours but also weakens staff performance. According to latest studies, people lose approximately 4 days a year due to headache, particularly migraine or tension headache. It is preferable to have knowledge on the reasons behind headache so as to you could alleviate pain or prevent headache.
Headache Triggers at Work
  • Continued stress and tension in daily work;
  • Not getting enough sleeping hours;
  • Skipping breakfast or lunch;
  • Environmental Triggers, like bright and sitting before computer screen for long hours;
  • Bad sitting posture at desks' chairs;
  • No drinking coffee at all for people who used to drink coffee or an amount of coffee less than usual;
  • Non-social work environments; and
  • Bullying by boss or colleagues at work.
Stress is a major reason
  • At the workplace, stress occurs due to mental distress in completing a difficult task;
  • Moreover, psychological stress occurs due to fatigue of working with others anxiety of not being able to complete the required task on time;
  • Stress makes headache worse, hinders employees from completing work on time and impacts employees' daily life;
  • Some people are more vulnerable to high distress and tense working environment; and
  • Stress may also lead to the release of certain inflammatory chemicals, including histamine, prostaglandin and nitric oxide that trigger inflammation and pain receptors in the nervous system.
We wish you enjoy a good heath
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