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An audit is an independent review of the financial, administrative operations of an organization to determine the adequacy and effectiveness of internal control policies and procedures and the quality of performance in carrying out assigned responsibilities ,the Office of Internal Audit is designed not to criticize, but assist the University departments in improving their operations and promoting the system of internal controls implemented by management.
  1. Develop an annual audit plan.
  2. Apply the annual audit plan and report results.
  3. Investigate any financial or administrative irregularities through the administrative rules of the University.
  4. Provide the President and the Board of Trustees of any reports or observations or recommendations.
  5. Cooperation with the external auditor.
  6. Provide advisory and consulting services to assist management in meeting their objectives.
Functions of the Internal Audit
  1. Examine evaluate and improve the efficiency and adequacy of internal control systems, risk management and control in matters of the university.
  2. Review the credibility and reliability of financial information, administrative and reliability.
  3. Review work procedures to verify the compatibility and harmony with the laws, regulations, instructions and plans and determine their adequacy and the degree of compliance.
  4. Examine the means used to protect assets and verify the actual existence of it.
  5. Assessment of available resources to verify ideally used.
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