Adnan Badran joined UNESCO as Assistant Director General (ADG) for science in 1990, in charge of all science activities. He was nominated as Deputy Director General and Secretary General of the Third World Academy of Science in 1993. the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research.
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On February 18, 2003, the rector visited the President of Philadelphia University, Prof. Dr. Adnan Badran, and they signed a Cooperation Agreement between two universities. He has also given to the rector some important books as a courtesy.
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His Excellency Professor Dr. Senator Adnan Badran Dr. Adnan Badran is a Senator in the Jordanian Upper House and an internationally well known Jordanian scientist, academic and politician. He is the former Prime Minister of Jordan.
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An OSU College of Agriculture alumni has been selected as the new Prime Minister of Jordan. Dr. Adnan Badran is the former Deputy Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
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Breaking the barriers to knowledge: building the bridges to understanding' was delivered by Dr Adnan Badran, Deputy Director General of UNESCO.
Dr. Adnan Badran Jordan's former Prime Minister, Dr. Hazim Nasser Jordan's former Minister of Water and Irrigation, Dr Mohammad Hamdan Jordan's Former Minister of Education and Current Secretary General for Jordan's Higher Council for Science and Technology.
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Inaugurating the summit, which is designed to promote the social consultative function of civil society and the social partners, Prime Minister Adnan Badran said: “The holding of the event in Amman highlights the participants' appreciation.
Under the patronage of His Excellency The Prime Minister of Jordan, Dr. Adnan Badran, attended on his behalf by Her Excellency Mrs. Nadia Al-Saeed, Minister of Information and Communications Technology in Jordan.
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