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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
  • Security section: The functional structure consists of:
  1. Chief of the Security Guard
  2. Guards of the University’s gates
  3. Guards of the University’s open spaces
  4. Guards of the faculties
It also preserves the security of the students and employees on campus, protects the properties of the university and organizes traffic and parking lots.
  • Communication section: The functional structure consists of:
  1. Telephone Exchange Officer
  2. Telephone Exchange Operator
The section secures telephone communication and fax services for the teaching staff, employees, university guests and visitors and female students living in the dormitory.
  • Traffic and transportation section: The functional structure consists of:
  1. Department Head
  2. Drivers
  3. Automobile mechanics and electricians
This section provides necessary transportation means for the university's students and employees. It also delivers mail from the university to other authorities, and secures transportation means for participants in conferences and symposia held on campus as well as participants in scientific and recreational trips inside and outside the Kingdom of Jordan. It transports the pupils of the model school. The technical cadre is responsible for all works of maintaining the university's automobiles.
The section is charged with the duty of securing requests of internal and external transporting of the university's academic and administrative staff by the university's vehicles any time.
  1. Securing transportation to all guests of the university.
  2. Securing transportation to all student scientific and recreational trips.
  3. Organizing trips to Dignified Mecca in Saudi Arabia for performing Al-Umra religious duty.
  4. Providing the university with a daily on-duty vehicle after office hours to answer to emergencies in the dormitory of female students and answer to evening on-duty employees.
  • Farming section: The functional structure consists of:
  1. Department Head
  2. Foreman
  3. Farming workers
The section takes care of the university's gardens by tilling, planting, watering and trimming trees and picking olives. It also takes care of ornament transplants and interior plants, removes harmful weeds, and eliminates insectile harms as well as setting up and planting the university's gardens and plant bowls, and supplying transplants. It is also responsible for promoting the farming and esthetic level of the university. The important activities performed by the section are:
  1. Holding annual festivals for observing the Tree Day.
  2. Continuously taking care of the university's fruitful trees such as olive trees and forest trees such as cypress and pine trees on campus by watering, trimming and fertilizing them and eliminating insectile harms.
  3. Planting interior bowls and open spaces among the university buildings with various rose shrubs and perennial plants.
  4. Supplying the offices and deanships of the university with various interior ornament plants in plastic bowls supplied with soil and preservatives prepared for this purpose.
  5. Covering university activities and festivals with ornament plants, rose bouquets and nicely arranged flowers.
  • Public services Department (cleanliness and health service): It consists of:
  1. Cleanliness monitor
  2. Cleanliness workers
  3. Service workers
This division is responsible for the cleanliness of the buildings, open spaces and streets of the university as well as the apartments. It takes over combating rodents and insects, cleaning all facilities, offering service to the academic and administrative staff, distributing the internal mail, and supervising and preparing classrooms and seminar rooms. It also participates in preparing the sites of official festivals and meetings. The division takes over the following duties:
  1. Cleanliness of all the university's facilities which include classrooms, teachers' rooms, employees' rooms, laboratories, open spaces, female students' dormitory coupled with follow up.
  2. Undertaking transport, transfer and moving the requirements of the offices and faculties from the warehouses or transport between the university's offices and bureaus by immediately contacting the branch of services, which also undertakes, in all national occasions and university festivals, preparing and arranging in full swing these occasions and festivals and carrying out everything necessary after each occasion or festival quickly and carefully. In bad weather conditions, a competent team undertakes draining rain water from the roofs and removing snow from the buildings and walkways to avoid slipping.
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