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Q: What is early registration? What are its procedures?
A: Early registration takes place in the beginning of each semester (as outlined in the university calendar). To early register courses, the student have to pay 100% of credit hours’ fees plus registration and services fees.
Q: How do students register courses after the end of the early registration period?
A: The old student has to pay 60% of credit hours’ fees to be registered plus registration and services fees and the remaining 40% must be paid before final examinations.
Q: How are students’ transportation fees are calculated and deducted?
A: A fixed amount is collected for the mandatory regular semester (Fall/Spring) of 220 JOD for a first-semester student, and then 200 JOD for each regular semester. Additionally, 120 JOD are collected for the optional summer semester for first-semester students, followed by 100 JOD for each subsequent summer semester. The payment is made in cash as a one-time lump sum, regardless of the usage rate.
Q: What are available payment methods at UOP?
A: The student can pay due fees to UOP Fund in the Financial Department in one of the following methods:
- In cash, official cheques, visa card or master card.
- Use E-Payment without the need to visit the Financial Department at the University through the eFAWATEERcom service "Illustration Video".
You can also pay via external money transfers or deposits in UOP account:
Q: How many chances are given to students if his/her cheque was bounced?
A: In case the cheque bounced for the first time, the student is informed verbally. In case the cheque bounced for the second time, no cheque will be accepted from students.
Q: When students can pay study fees during working hours?
A: The Financial Department provides services to students from Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM and on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
Q: What are the procedures the student must follow to obtain proof of student status, transcript or additional copies of the certificate of graduation?
A: The student fills out the template at the Financial Department and reviews the Accountant. Thereafter, the student pays the certificate charges and seals the payment receipt from the Financial Department in order to obtain the needed certificate from the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
Q: If the student paid the fees of the three placement tests (English Language Placement Test, Computer Skills Placement Test and Arabic Language Placement Test) and did not apply for one or all of them because of Equivalency of courses, how would these cases be dealt with from the financial point of view?
A: When the student withdraws or graduates from UOP, the Deanship of Admission and Registration is inquired according to formal correspondence and fees of the test the student did not apply for are returned to the student.
Q: How many times refundable insurance fees are paid?
A: Refundable insurance fees are paid by when the student is admitted and returned and when the student withdraws or graduates from UOP.
Q: How can the student obtain final examinations entry card? And what are its conditions?
A: The final examinations entry card is issued to the student before administration of the second examination (as outlined in the university calendar) on the condition of full payment of the semester fees.
Q: How can the female student subscribe in UOP dormitory?
A: The female student communicates with the dormitory supervisor to book the required room and fill out the related form. Then, the girl student pays the due amount set forth in the form to receive the room.
Q: If the female student did want to renew subscription in the UOP dormitory, what must she do?
A: The female student has to take all of her belongings, deliver the room key to the dormitory supervisor and submit a clearance form from liability issued by the UOP Financial Department.
Q: When can the graduate obtain clearance certificate for graduation purposes?
A: After the Deans’ Council Decision to grant degrees and certificates is issued, the student must obtain a clearance certificate which is signed by all parties set forth in the form, including: Military Service Office for Jordanian students. Clearance certificates issued for non-Jordanian students must be sealed by residence officer and signed by the dormitory supervisor.
That is carried out after the student pays all financial obligations / cheques provided by the students are collected by the Financial Department to be signed by the Financial Department. By doing so, the student can receive his certificates from the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
Q: If the student dropout UOP courses and wishes to postpone the semester or return to study, what are the steps the student must follow?
A: The student fills out the related form, completes all steps and heads to the Financial department to pay the due fees, sign and deliver the form to the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
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