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الأسم : د. محمد الخليلي

الرتبة العلمية: أستاذ مشارك

المسمى الوظيفي: عضو هيئة تدريسية

المكتب 4326       الرقم الفرعي 4326

بريد الكتروني: malkhalili@uop.edu.jo

التخصص: الهندسه المعماريه

جامعة التخرج: جامعة روما لا سبينزا ايطالبا

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    المؤهل العلمي



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    جامعة روما لا سبينزا
    جامعة روما لا سبينزا
    جامعة روما لا سبينزا ايطالبا

  • Journal Paper

      Mohammed El Khalili,, " Roman Nymphaeum in Amman: Documentation and Architectural Study " , "Disegnare Idee Immagini / Drawing ideas images 47, ",Vol.47,No., Universita di Roma La Sapiensa , Rome, 12/01/2013 :الملخص
      This study focuses on one of the important architectural complexes built during the Roman Period in Jordan. To conduct this architectural analysis we made extensive use of traditional and digital technologies, especially 3D laser scanning technology. The study examined its architectural style and elements, including function, construction techniques, materials, architectural features, etc. This data could provide guidelines for future intervention projects on the monument and a basis for increasingly extensive documentation, monitoring, and any other objectives involving teaching and research. Key words: Nymphaeum, Roman Architecture, Jordan, Survey, Documentation, 3D Laser Scanner, 3D Model, Database

      Yaya Alshawabkeh and, " Detection and quantification of material displacements at Historical structures using Photogrammetry and laser scanning techniques " , "Mediterranean archaeology & Archaeometry ",Vol.Vol. 13 No. 2 PP. 57-66,No., , Greece, 01/01/2013

      Mahmoud Abu-allaban , " Antiquity Impact of Air Pollution at Gadara, Jordan " , "Mediterranean archaeology & Archaeometry ",Vol.14,No.1, , Greece, 01/15/2014

      Mohammed El Khalili, " Revival of Cultural Heritage: The Case Study of the Ottoman Village in Umm Qais " , "Jordan Jornal of History and Archeology(JJHA) ",Vol.8 ,No.1, University of Jordan, , 03/06/2014

      Abdulraouf Mayyas, K, " organic residues preserved in archaeological ceramics from the early bronze age site of khirbet al-batrawy in north-central jordan " , ".",Vol.13,No.2, , , 12/01/2013

  • Conference paper

      Mohammed El Khalili, " The role of the historical town on the socioeconomic development of the cities; between the reality and ambitions: the experience of Irbid city. " , "In the proceeding of the First International Research Seminar of Forum UNESCO-University and Heritage Architectural Heritage and Sustainable Development of Small and Medium Cities in South Mediterranean",Vol.,No., Department of Architecture University of Florence Italy., Florence Italy., 06/20/2005

  • Doctoral Dissertation

      Mohammed El Khalili, " Architectural Analysis and Conservation Solutions, Artimes Temple at Jarash (Jordan), as case study " , "",Vol.,No., , , 07/06/1993
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