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الأسم : عمرو ياغي

الرتبة العلمية: أستاذ مساعد

المسمى الوظيفي: عضو هيئة تدريسية

المكتب 2425       الرقم الفرعي 2425

بريد الكتروني: amro.yaghi@uop.edu.jo

التخصص: هندسة معمارية

جامعة التخرج: University of Sheffield

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    المؤهل العلمي



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    Oxford Brookes University
    المملكه المتحدة
    University of Sheffield
    المملكه المتحدة

  • Journal Paper

      Yaghi, A., Hegazy, I., Hegazy, O, " The No-Power Expressions: The impact of Refugees’ (Im-)Material Culture on Decoding the Urban Image of Alexandria " , "Academic Star",Vol.14,No., Academic Star, Washington, USA, 05/07/2020 :الملخص
      “The elephant in the room” states Robert Chambers [1] to address “Power”; a standpoint matching Foucault’s hypothesis: “power is everywhere” [2-9]. Chambers emphasizes the “convening” power type: “power to empowerment” [1]— a contribution to the four previously established ones: power “over”, “to”,

      Yaghi, A, " Translation of Civic Pedagogical Tactics to Critically Produce Public Spaces in Amman " , "The Journal of Public Space",Vol.5,No., The Journal of Public Space, London, United Kingdom, 01/31/2020 :الملخص
      This paper asks how can we re-think and critically produce alternative ‘public’ spaces through translating forms of civic pedagogical tactics in Amman? Our neoliberal contemporary cities and political agendas, with its Arabic versions, have produced socially, spatially polarised and de-politized spa

      Yaghi, A., Petrescu, D. and Nawratek, K, " Performative interventions to re-claim, re-define and produce public space in different cultural and political contexts " , "Archnet-IJAR",Vol.13,No., Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, London, United Kingdom, 11/11/2019 :الملخص
      The purpose of this paper is to ask how forms of “performative” interventions can prompt processes of re-thinking, which can, in turn, instigate the critical production of public space. Most importantly, it also asks how this methodology can manifest within various cultural and po

  • Chapter in a Book

      Yaghi, A, " Performative Approaches to `Reclaiming Public Space´ in Amman " , "Reclaiming Public Space through Intercultural Dialogue. LIT Verlag Münster",Vol.17,No., LIT Verlag Münster, Berlin, Germany, 11/28/2018
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