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الأسم : د. سيما مقاطف

الرتبة العلمية: أستاذ مساعد

المسمى الوظيفي: عضو هيئة تدريسية

المكتب 9309       الرقم الفرعي 9309

بريد الكتروني: smagatef@uop.edu.jo

التخصص: تسويق

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  • Book

      د.سيما مقاطف ، د. إبراهيم عقل, " الاساليب الكمية في التسويق- مدخل تطبيقي " , "دار الغاية للنشر والتوزيع",Vol.,No., دار الغاية للنشر والتوزيع, Jordan,Amman, 10/05/2016

  • Journal Paper

      dr. elham tomaleh, d, " * orientation of jordanian consumers toward shopping - case study of convience goods. Published at Aledari magazine, Omman, no: 120, March 2010 " , "",Vol.,No., 0, 0, 10/01/2009 :الملخص
      This study is an attempt to reach a clear understanding of the Jordanian consumer’s shopping orientations toward convenience goods. Subsequently the study comes up with the following finding: The Jordanian consumer’s shopping action take place weekly with one to two hours for each shopping case. The Jordanian consumer have a certain shopping orientations, that he is not an apathetic shopper, he is price sensitive, economy planner shopper, involved traditional shopper and he is personalized Shopper Download

      dr. raed momani , dr, " * The Effect Of Positioning Strategy On Constructing A competitive Advantage - A case study of jordanian insurance companies. published at magazine, Al Quds open university - Ramallah,no: 27, 17/12/20 " , "",Vol.,No., 0, 0, 12/24/2011 :الملخص
      Summary: The objective of the research is to study the dimensions of positioning strategy, and its affect on constructing a competitive advantage, this research has been applied on Jordanian insurance companies. The research conclude that there are a great affect of all dimension on building a competitive advantage such as, quality as one of these positioning dimension, also utility and price have been marked affect on competitive advantage of insurance companies in Jordan. The research shows a considerable competition among these companies in Jordan, and this appeared through studding these dimensions. Which shows its affect on competitive advantage on those companies. So all dimension shows a positive effect on competitive advantage for these companies in Jordan which lead them to give consideration to these dimension by put them into practice and ultra- attention.

      Dr. Sima Magatef, Dr, " * The affect of promotion mix on the buying addiction of jordanian women. Published at Algeria university- Setif 1, no: 11-2011, p(33-58) " , "",Vol.,No., 0, 0, 11/01/2011 :الملخص
      Summary: The study aimed to identify the affect of promotion mix on the shopping addiction by Jordanian women, to come out with conclusion and suggestions. The study has conclude that there are a relationship between promotion mix and shopping addiction by Jordanian women. And there where noticeable affect of all elements on the shopping addiction of Jordanian women, but with different levels, where the public relation was the most affective element of promotion mix, then come out in sequence advertising, personal selling and sales promotion. The study also has conclude that the addiction of buying influenced by demographic factors, in this regard the recognize the affect of these factors on addiction of Jordanian women towards excessive buying which is variable with age, education, occupation, income, resident, and marital states. The study has recognize that in the age categories the young women was more frequently buying than others. While in the categories of marital states and occupation the single women and unemployed have more frequent buying than others in the same categories. The rest of categories have less excessive and more rational in buying. Finally I found that all the promotion mix shown a positive affect on the addiction of Jordanian women on buying which lead to give a considerable attention to these elements and apply it professionally and affectively.

      Dr. Sima Magatef , D, " * The effect of marketing relashionship dimention on creating customer loyalty - A case study of cellular communication companies- published at commercial faculty - Sohaj-Egypt -2014 " , "",Vol.,No., , , 06/01/2012 :الملخص
      Abstract: The purpose of this study is to identify the dimension of relationship marketing (RM) and its affect on creating customer loyalty in cellular communication companies in Jordan . Afield survey of cellular communication companies customers was conducted by using questionnaire. The data were analyzed to determine the key dimensions of (RM) which create customer loyalty. The most significant dimension is customer satisfaction and mutual confidence between the company and customers. It was seen also that there is appositive affect of the dimensions of obligation and communication between the two parts. This study indicate that the application of all (RM) dimensions of these companies effectively & efficiently will be able to create customer loyalty toward companies, especially in a competitive market like Jordan.

      Dr. Raed Momani , Dr, " * The effect of using web sites on banking servises - A case study of jordanian commercial banks- published at commercial faculty - Sohaj- EGYPT 2014 " , "commercial faculty",Vol.,No., 0, sohaj- egypt, 03/01/2014 :الملخص
      The aim of the study was to determinate the effect of using websites on banking services and its impact on creating loyalty among customers. The study adopted afield survey by designing a questionnaire distributed to customers, to identify the key dimensions that affect the rate of customers use of electronic services. The results of the study showed that all these dimensions of website use have a significant impact and effective frequent use of these sites. Most notably the satisfaction and mutual trust between two parties had the greatest impact on creating loyalty as demonstrated by the positive impact also the two dimension commitment and communication between two parties. The dimensions that also had significant impact but with differentiated rate are fears and threats, website design, train and education customers to enable them to use the site and marketing communications.

      Dr. raed momani , Dr, " * The affect of the sales promotion tools on the Jordanian consumer buying decision (A case study of convenience goods)- Published At Algeria University – Messila – No: 8 /2012 " , "",Vol.,No., 0, 0, 12/01/2012 :الملخص
      The research attempt to study the affect of sales promotion tools on the Jordanian buying decision of convenience goods to explore how these tools affect his buying decision process, and present suggestions that build appropriate strategies of sales promotion which able to effect his decision. The study conclude that all sales promotion tools had direct and powerful influence on the buying decision of Jordanian consumer but with variation percentage, the most effective tool of sales promotion the research found is free samples, then come the rest of the tools, in the other side the research also found the affect of point - of – purchase displays has been nearly weak and money refund has been very weak on the effect of Jordanian buying decision.

      Dr. Sima Magatef, Dr, " * The impact of direct marketing means in developing competitive advantage - a field study of 5 star hotels located in Amman - accepted for publication at Baghdad college of economic science universi " , "",Vol.,No., 0, 0, 06/01/2013 :الملخص
      : This study aims to identify the impact of direct marketing means in developing competitive advantage in 5-stars hotels located in Amman. The study addresses the high interest of hotels under study of developing a database about their clients: current and potential. The results indicate also that there is a significant effect of direct marketing means on developing competitive advantage (cost leadership, differentiation) in hotel sector. The study highlighted the importance of e-mail, social media, hotel’s website and mobile phone as means of direct marketing in gathering information about current and potential customers, in order to communicate with them, which increase the chance of informing, persuading and assisting customers in making the decision of purchasing the desired hotel service.

      Dr. sima magatef, " impact of tourism marketing mix elements on satisfaction of inbound tourists to jordan " , "international journal of business and social sciences",Vol.,No., Centre for Promoting Ideas, 0, 07/01/2015 :الملخص
      The purpose of this paper is to study the impact of tourism marketing mix and how it affects tourism in Jordan, and to determine which element of the marketing mix has the strongest impact on Jordanian tourism and how it will be used to better satisfy tourists. The paper will focus on foreign to Download

      Dr. sima magatef, Dr. elham tomaleh, " the impact of customer loyalty programs on customer retention " , "international journal of business and social sciences",Vol.,No., Centre for Promoting Ideas, USA, 10/01/2015 :الملخص
      The goal of this study is to obtain a deep understanding of the impact of customer loyalty programs on customer retention. This study was applied to Jordanian customers. The study investigates the impact of independent variable; loyalty programs: point system, tier system reward, charges an upfront Download

      Raed Momani, Sima Magatef, " The Impact of Sales Promotion on Purchasing Decision of Children's Meals at Fast Food Restaurants in Jordan (world Chain Restaurants) - An Applied Study from Parents Point of View " , " International Research Journal of Finance and Economics",Vol.,No., FRDN incorporated, 0, 01/01/2016 :الملخص
      This study aims to identify the impact of the sales revitalization of the decision to buy children's meals at fast-food restaurants, this study was conducted on the parents of children in Jordan, who attend these restaurants accompanied by their children, due to lack of children's ability to fill in

      11- Sima Magatef, Raed Momani, " The impact of internal marketing on employees' performance in Private Jordanian Hospitals sector " , " International Journal of Business and Management, ",Vol.,No., Canadian Center of Science and Education, 0, 03/01/2016 :الملخص
      This study aims to identify the impact of internal marketing on the performance of employees in Jordanian private hospitals sector. This study was conducted on all employees of several administrative levels in this sector. The study also aims to find out the impact of independent variables namely, in-house training, incentives, rewards, internal communication, empowerment and culture of the organization, on the dependent variable, which is the performance of employees. To achieve the study objectives, data were collected through the selection of a random sample of workers in private Jordanian hospital sector from various levels. 450 copies of the designed questionnaire were distributed over the targeted sample group. However, only 333 copies of the questionnaire were recovered, and this is 74% of the total number of the distributed copies. The results show that the organization culture has strong impact on the employee’s performance. This variable came first among other variables, followed by the variables about incentives and rewards regarding the impact on the dependent variable employees. On the other hand, the rest of variables showed weak impact on the dependent variable either due to lack of employee’s interest, or the lack of their awareness regarding the importance of these variables and the need to apply them in order to improve the performance of employees and increase their efficiency and effectiveness at work.

      12- Raed Momani, Sima Magatef, " The Effect of Using Celebrities in Advertising on the Purchase Decision of Women in Jordan to Buy Personal Care Products " , "European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences",Vol.,No., FRDN incorporated, 0, 07/01/2016 :الملخص
      This study aims at identifying the effect of using celebrities in advertising on the purchase decision of Jordanian women to buy personal care products. The questionnaire has been selected to study the effect of independent variables on the dependent variable. 500 questionnaires were distributed ov

      13- Sima Magatef, " The Impact of the Application of Social Responsibility on the Creation Advantage for Jordanian Private Universities " , "International Journal of Business and Management",Vol.,No., Canadian Center of Science and Education, 0, 08/01/2016 :الملخص
      This study seeks to identify the impact of the application of social responsibility on the creation of a competitive advantage. The study has been applied on Jordanian private universities. 200 copies of the questionnaire were distributed over managers and officials at these institutions. 82% of the

      Ghaiath Altrjman, Raed Momani, Sima Magatef, " The impact of the sales process within the B2B trade show on the Visitors purchasing behavior " , "International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research",Vol.16,No., Serial Publication, Amman, 03/01/2018 :الملخص
      The study aims at showing the role of sale by the booth staff at the B2B trade show and its impact on visitors’ purchasing behavior to make the decision to buy. The study has been applied on the third Jordan Food Fair 2017 and on Food, Nutrition and Diet Exhibition 2017 in Amman, the capital of J Download

      Sima Magatef Raed Momani Ghaiath Altrjman, " The Evaluation of Complaint Handling Process in Five Star Hotels and its Reflection on Customers' Satisfaction " , "African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure",Vol.8(2),No., Africa Journals, Amman, 03/01/2019 :الملخص
      A study was conducted on the “evaluation of customers’ complaints handling and its reflection on customer’s satisfaction in five star hotels. The study targeted the category of managers and administrative people of different positions related to the handling of customers’ complaints. The main obje Download

      Sima Ghaleb Magatefa* and Raed Ahmad Momania , " The role of commercial advertisements directed to children influencing on parents’ purchasing decision " , "Management Science Letters ",Vol.10,No., Growing Science , canada, 12/01/2019 :الملخص
      A study was conducted on the role of commercial ads directed to children in influencing parents’ purchasing decision. The study targeted parents, taking into account all demographic factors. The main objective of the study was to determine the extent of commercial ads impact on parents' decision whe Download
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