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الأسم : أحمد دراوشة

الرتبة العلمية: أستاذ مساعد

المسمى الوظيفي: عضو هيئة تدريسية

المكتب 7117       الرقم الفرعي 7117

بريد الكتروني: adaraosheh@uop.edu.jo

التخصص: الكيمياء

جامعة التخرج: جلمعة العلوم والتكنلوجبا الاردنية

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    جامعة العلوم والتكنلوجيا الاردنية
    جلمعة العلوم والتكنلوجبا الاردنية
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  • Journal Paper

      Mohammad K. Harb, Ahmad Daraosheh, Helmar G?rls, Elliott R. Smith, G. Joel Meyer, Matthew T. Swenson, Takahiro Sakamoto, Richard S. Glass, Dennis L. Lichtenberger, Dennis H. Evans, Mohammad El-khateeb, " Effects of Alkane Linker Length and Chalcogen Character in [FeFe]-Hydrogenase Inspired Compounds " , "Heteroatom Chemistry",Vol.,No., Wiley Periodicals, Inc., , 09/01/2014 :الملخص
      containing compounds catalyze proton reduction at potentials, which are 0.23 V less negative than the Se-containing compounds in this study.

      Ahmad Q. Daraosheh, Ulf-Peter Apfel, Helmar G?rls, Christian Friebe,Ulrich S. Schubert, Mohammad El-khateeb, Grzegorz Mloston, and Wolfgang Weigand, " New Approach to [FeFe]-Hydrogenase Models Using Aromatic Thioketone " , "European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry",Vol.,No., Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, , 12/12/2011 :الملخص
      The reactions of triiron dodecacarbonyl with thiobenzophenone (2a) and 9H-thioxanthene-9-thione (2b) were investigated under different conditions. In the case of a 1:1 molar ratio of triiron dodecacarbonyl and 2a or 2b, the ortho-metallated complexes [Fe2(CO)6{μ,κ,S,SCH(C6H5)C6H4-η2}] (3a) and [Fe2(

      Ahmad Q. Daraosheh, Helmar G?rls, Mohammad El-khateeb, Grzegorz Mloston,v and Wolfgang Weigand, " Reactions of Selected Aromatic Thioketones with Dodecarbonyltriiron " , "European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry",Vol.,No., Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, , 12/09/2010 :الملخص
      odecacarbonyltriiron reacts with 3,3,5,5-tetraphenyl-1,2,4-trithiolanes (1e) to give the ortho-metalated complex Fe2(CO)6[κ,μ-S,η2-(C13H10S)] (9a), complexes of the type (Ph2C)S2Fe2(CO)6 and the well known trinuclear complex Fe3S2 (CO)9 as by-products. Complex 9a can also be obtained from the reacti

      Ahmad Q. Daraosheh, Mohammad K. Harb, Jochen Windhager, Helmar G?rls, Mohammad El-khateeb and Wolfgang Weigand, " ٍSubstitution Reactions at [FeFe] Hydrogenase Models Containing [2Fe3S] Assembly by Phosphine or Phosphite Ligands " , "Organometallics",Vol.,No., American Chemical Society, , 10/16/2009 :الملخص
      [2Fe3S] complex 1, which is related to the active site of [FeFe] hydrogenases, substitution studies of CO ligands by phosphite and phosphine ligands at compound Fe2(μ-S2(C3H6)2S-μ)(CO)5 (1) have been investigated. The reaction of 1 with 1 equiv of trimethylphosphite gave the kinetically controlled p Download

      Mohammad K. Harb, Jochen Windhager, Ahmad Daraosheh, Helmar G?rls, L. Tori Lockett, Noriko Okumura,[b] Dennis H. Evans, Richard S. Glass,Dennis L. Lichtenberger, Mohammad El-khateeb, and Wolfgang Weig, " Phosphane- and Phosphite-Substituted Diiron Diselenolato Complexes as Models for [FeFe]-Hydrogenases " , "European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry",Vol.,No., Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, 69451 Weinheim, Germany, 2009, , 06/30/2009 :الملخص
      The displacement of terminal CO ligands in Fe2(μ-Se2C3H5CH3)(CO)6 (1) by triphenylphosphane, trimethyl phosphite, and bis(diphenylphosphanyl)ethane (dppe) ligands is investigated. Treatment of 1 with 1 equiv. of triphenylphosphane afforded Fe2(μ-Se2C3H5CH3)(CO)5(PPh3) (2). The mono- and disubstitute Download

      Khalil J. Asali, Mohammad El-khateeb, Ahmad Daraosheh, " Bimetallic Group 6 Tricarbonyls Containing Rigid Backbone Chelating Ligands Symmetrically Bridged by Bis(diphenylphosphino)alkane " , "Jordan Journal of Chemistry",Vol.,No., Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, , 06/04/2009

      Hassan Abul-Futouh a, Ahmad Q. Daraosheh , Jochen Windhager, Helmar G?rls , Wolfgang Weig, " Synthesis and characterization of [FeFe]-hydrogenase models mediated by a 1,2,4-trithiolane derivative: Insight into molecular structures and electrochemical characteristics " , "Polyhedron",Vol.174,No., ُُELSEVIER, Amman/Jordan, 09/25/2019 :الملخص
      In this report two diiron hexacarbonyl complexes containing sulphur-rich heterocycles have been prepared as [FeFe]-hydrogenase mimics. These two complexes are obtained from the reaction of Fe3(CO)12 with 3,11-dibenzyl-7,14,15-trithia-3,11-diazadispiro[]pentadecane. They have been characte

      A. Q. Daraosheh, H. Abul-Futouh, H G?rlsc, W. Weigand, " Synthesis and electrochemical investigations of the ortho-metalated complexes [Fe2(CO)6{к,μ-S,η2-(R)}] and their substitution reactions " , "Inorganica Chimica Acta",Vol.503,No., ELSEVIER, Amman/Jordan, 12/16/2019 :الملخص
      Modifications of the dithiolate linkers that connect the two iron atoms of the synthetic H-cluster mimics of [FeFe]-hydrogenase play a significant role on tuning its physical and electrochemical properties. In this report, we describe the redox properties and the catalytic behavior of the ortho-me Download

      Ahmad Q. Daraosheh, Hassan Abul-Futouh, Rami A. Abdel-Rahem, Helmar G?rls,[c] Hans-Dietrich Stachel,[d] and Wolfgang Weigand, " Synthesis and Electrochemical Investigations of the [FeFe]-Hydrogenase H-Cluster Mimics Mediated by Bicyclic Dithiols Derivative " , "Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie",Vol.647,No., Wiley, Amman/Jordan, 01/06/2021 :الملخص
      Biomimic of the active site of [FeFe]-hydrogenase containing bicyclic dithiols as bridging linker has been synthesized and characterized using different spectroscopic methods. The influence of this linker on the redox properties and the catalytic behavior of the resulted binuclear complex was in Download

      Rami A. Abdel Rahem · Mayyas Al Remawi · Ahmad Q. Daraosheh· Heinz Hoffmann, " Rheological behavior of wormlike micelles (WLMs) in alcohol/water mixed solvent: influence of alcohol chain length " , "Colloid and Polymer Science",Vol.299,No., Springer, Amman/Jordan, 05/25/2021 :الملخص
      The influence of replacing water with ethanol, propanol, and butanol in alcohol–water mixtures on the rheological properties of wormlike micelles (WLMs) consisting of sodium salicylate (NaSal) and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) is investigated at 25 °C. At maximum viscosity of 100 mM CTAB a Download
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