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بريد الكتروني: kalawamleh@uop.edu.jo

التخصص: القانون الخاص

جامعة التخرج: وسط لانكاشير

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  • Book

      Kamal Alawamleh, " The Bill of Lading Effectiveness in the International Trade Realm " , "The Bill of Lading Effectiveness in the International Trade Realm ",Vol.,No., Lambert Academic Publishing, , 02/01/2012 :الملخص
      This work addresses the important role played by the paper bill of lading in the international trade realm. In particular, it illustrates the fact that a paper bill of lading cannot comply with the new changes connected with the era of speed and technology. As a result it considers the electronic bi

  • Journal Paper

      Kamal Alawamleh ,Ali Mohamed Aldabbas, Omar Husain Qouteshat, " Articles 51 and 54 of the Jordanian Arbitration Act " , "JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW AND POLICY",Vol.17,No., Emerald , London, United Kingdom, 09/12/2018 :الملخص
      On two different occasions, the Jordanian Constitutional Court has ruled that Articles 51 and 54 of the Jordanian Arbitration Act no. 31 of the year 2001 are unconstitutional and null. In view of this, this paper aims to attempt to give the reader a brief preview of the Jordanian Arbitration Act, th

      OH Qouteschat, KJ Alawamleh, " The enforceability of electronic arbitration agreements before the DIFC Courts and Dubai Courts " , "Digital Evidence & Elec. Signature L. Rev.",Vol.,No., the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), School of Advanced Study, University of London, , 09/11/2017 :الملخص
      Relying on modern technology to conclude arbitration agreements might raise some issues regarding the enforceability and formal requirements of the provisions of the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (New York, 1958)(New York Convention or Convention), with spe

      Mohammad Alawamle, Loiy Bani Ismail, Diana Aqeel, Kamal Jamal Alawamleh, " The bilateral relationship between human capital investment and innovation in Jordan " , "Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship",Vol.n/a,No., Springer, Berlin, Germany, 01/25/2019 :الملخص
      The purpose of this research is to investigate the relationship between innovation and human capital investment, and to show how the implementation of these two concepts leads to economic development. A case study was conducted in Jordan with one-to-one, in-depth expert interviews to obtain the info

      Ali Aldabbas, Kamal Alawamleh, Worud Awamleh, " Jordan’s Commitment towards Compulsory and Free Basic Education as a Constitutional Right: An Analytical Field Study " , "Arab Law Quarterly",Vol.34,No., Brill Publishers, United Kingdom , 08/01/2020 :الملخص
      This study examines the extent to which Jordan is committed to principles of compulsory and free basic education, by analyzing legislation in light of constitutional and international standards regarding the right to education. Methodology includes quantitative assessment of these principles using a

      Alawamleh, Kamal & Abu Helo, Shadi, " Fraud in the documents and the underlying contract in letters of credit under Jordanian and English law: a new prerequisite? " , "Journal of Financial Crime",Vol.https://doi.org/10.1108/JFC-08-2020-0164,No., Emerald Publishing Limited, United Kingdom, 11/16/2020 :الملخص
      Purpose This study aims to examine the application of the fraud exception to the autonomy principle that governs the work of letters of credit in both Jordanian and English law. While it has been reiterated that the application of such exception before the English courts is difficult, this study hi

      Loiy Bani Ismail, Mohammad Alawamleh, Saro Giacaman, Kamal Jamal Alawamleh, " The mismatch between labour market needs and education: the example of Jordan " , "International Journal of Business Excellence",Vol.22,No., Inderscience Publishers (IEL), United Kingdom, 09/16/2020 :الملخص
      This paper seeks to explore the relationship between education and labour market needs in Jordan, in addition to how this relationship is affecting the unemployment rate. This study uses a regression on data collected from the Jordanian Department of Statistics and analyses the data through the SPSS

      Kamal Jamal Alawamleh , " To what extent is arbitration acceptable in individual labor disputes? A critique from a Jordanian law perspective " , "International Journal of Law and Management",Vol.. https://doi.org/10.1108/IJLMA-12-2019-0279,No., Emerald Publishing Ltd, UK, 05/12/2021 :الملخص
      In several recent judgments, the Jordanian Court of Cassation has found that using arbitration to resolve individual labor disputes is null. The aforementioned approach which constituted a departure from the well-established former approach that the same court has followed has been confirmed by the

      Kamal Jamal Alawamleh, Abeer Hassan Al-Qaisi, Fathi Tawfiq Alfaouri, " Limited liability companies in Jordan: another story for piercing the corporate veil " , "Journal of Financial Crime",Vol. Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. ,No., Emerald Publishing Limited, United KIngdom, 08/26/2021 :الملخص
      In different recent judgments, the Jordanian Court of Cassation, among many other Jordanian Courts, has found that a limited liability company's shareholder may be held liable in addition to the company itself as to claims related to the company's debits and different obligations. While the aforemen

  • Doctoral Dissertation

      Kamal Jamal Alawamleh, " Documentary Credits and Independent Guarantees: A Critique of the ‘Fraud Exception’ Position in English and Jordanian Law " , "Phd Thesis",Vol.-,No., University of Central Lancashire , Preston, England, 08/05/2013 :الملخص
      Underpinning the law on documentary credits and independent guarantees is a legal principle of autonomy which dictates that these financial instruments should, as a matter of law, be treated separately from a trader’s contractual agreement. However, despite this, fraudulent behaviour may still occur
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