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جامعة البترا رجائي قواس

Rajae Qawas

management information systems



Success that reached not only the level of Jordan but also at the level of the Arab world. It brought joy and happiness to every Jordanian and Arab household,Rajae Qawas, a Jordanian comedic actor, was born in Amman in 1982. He studied Information Systems Management at Petra Universityd.

​He has received several awards and describes himself as a "sensitive person who loves everyone,​​We all wish Rajae Qawas the best of luck, hoping he reaches the highest ranks and positions.​

  • Facebook: @Rajae Qawas
  • Twitter: #Rajae Qawas
  • Kharabeesh: &Rajae Qawas
  • ​Source of information: A private group for Petra University graduates on Facebook, "Petra Uni 2002-2008."