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Our vision
To build a generation of students who are mentally, physically and psychologically healthy through developing their abilities, energy, and values to contribute effectively to serving their nation and country.
To achieve our vision, the deanship works to meet the following objectives through its programs.
  1.   To help students adapt to university requirements
  2.   To prepare sport programs and activities to develop sport talents and spirits of       cooperation, planning and competition
  3.   To prepare cultural, social and artistic programs to elevate the level of cultural       and social awareness between among students as well as to reach a better         communication to local matters
  4.   To follow up with post graduate students and strengthen their communication with   their university and follow up their achievements
  5.   To help students who suffer from social, educational or psychological difficulties     through consultancy, remedial and development programs
  6.   To provide students with career advice through facilitating data base and training   courses about the needs of the local market
  7.   To follow up with the affairs of foreign students and help them better       accommodate with the community
  8.   Giving attention to student scientific associations in the faculties of the university   and work on activating it's mission
  9.   To encourage students to do volunteer work to serve the university family and     community.
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon

Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
On behalf of the deanship of students’ affairs, I am pleased to welcome fresher students who opted for the University of Petra to be the gateway for a bright future equipped with skills ..
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