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Excelling in providing student services and organizing various activities for students.
To foster a generation of mentally, physically and psychologically healthy students by developing their abilities, motivating them and promoting their positive values. That includes providing all factors of success for all sport, artistic, social and environmental activities to engage students actively in serving their country and nation.
The Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) seeks to achieve the following objectives:
  1. Providing sport programs and activities, developing sport talents of student and boosting spirit of free competition among them.
  2. Raising students’ cultural and social awareness and recognizing national issues through organizing of cultural, social and artistic activities.
  3. Encouraging students to take part in student activities and various UOP events and develop their talents.
  4. Developing entrepreneurship and creativity of students and promoting their spirit of competition.
  5. Encouraging outstanding students, refining their talents and supporting them materially and morally.
  6. Maintaining liaison with alumni, strengthening their relationships with the University and following-up their achievements.
  7. Refining students’ personalities and life skills through holding training courses and workshops in cooperation with external training providers.
  8. Promoting self-censorship and investing students’ capabilities and experience in productive works inside and outside UOP.
  9. Ensuring that the student’s scientific formed at UOP’s faculties play an effective role.
  10. Promoting volunteerism among students with a view to serving UOP family and their local community.
  1. The student is our focus of attention and center of our work.
  2. Leadership and innovation in providing student services and organizing student’s activities.
  3. Stressing on commitment to good values and ethics.
  4. Securing healthy and safe environment for all students.
  5. Cultivating culture of positive dialogue and respect opinion and other opinions.
  6. Commitment to ethical and social responsibility.
Dean's Message

Dr. Fathi Faouri
My appointment as a Dean of Students Affairs was a motivation and incentive for me to work hard. UOP president's decision was attributable to the academic degrees ...
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