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Security - Social and Political - is defined as a group of procedures taken or implemented by the relevant or entrusted party to prevent errors from occurring and identifying appropriate solutions for them if occurred. Campus Security Guards play an important role in maintaining reputation of UOP staff and students and that impacts all students and all levels of employees.
Performing security and protection works and monitoring violations committed at UOP faculties, departments and sections according to the applicable regulations.
  • Monitoring staff and students’ compliance with instructions issued by UOP Presidency.
  • Preserving UOP reputation and standing against any rumors and baseless propaganda aimed at harming UOP reputation among public and private universities.
  • Coordinating with the deans of faculties, UOP Presidency staff and UOP professors to learn about developments, issues and problems that take place at UOP faculties and departments and identifying appropriate solutions to avoid repeating them.
  • Overseeing and following-up activities and meetings organized at UOP campus.
  • Submitting reports to the Dean of Student Affairs in relation to activities, problems and violations to take appropriate procedures thereon.
  • Identifying and reporting security weaknesses in UOP buildings.
  • To perform monitoring works and ensure no firearms and weapons are brought into UOP campus and edged instruments that may be used in harming any person at the University and reporting this type of violations.
  • Preparing an incident log to record significant incidents occurred at UOP campus with the names of the perpetrators when needed.
  • To prevent the entry of the unauthorized or unofficial publications, leaflets and stickers, report these violations, seizure of publications, tapes, CDs and unethical magazines.
  • Preservation of UOP buildings and facilities and protecting them from sabotage and manipulation and reporting failures or sabotages.
  • Maintaining public safety at UOP campus and coordinating with the public defense to achieve such objective.
  • Monitoring companies and staff operating at UOP campus until the completion of their projects.
  • Monitoring investors’ shops at UOP campus, including: Cafeteria and shops to ensure their adherence to the contract terms, non-exploitation of students and non-selling of prohibited or smuggled substances.
  • Issuing and granting licenses to vehicles, individuals and visitors to enter UOP campus.
  • Reporting breakdowns relating to electricity, water, sanitation, roads, buildings, trees or public gardens.
  • Not leaving work place for any reason whatsoever.
  • Opening and maintaining register of visits and contact the relevant person.
  • Referring to the Head of Security Section for cases not mentioned herein.
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