The Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) provides employment opportunities for students during their study at UOP. The Dean of Student Affairs posts an advertisement on the available vacancies at the beginning of each semester according to the plan approved by the Deans' Council. Thereafter, UOP's faculties, administrative units and services units send the list of to-be student employees signed by the concerned Faculty Dean and Department Manager to the Student Affairs Dean during the semester. Career Counseling and the Follow-up of Graduates Office (CCFGO) supervises students’ employment and raises periodic reports to the Dean by the end of each semester. Those reports include students’ names, working hours and total number of working hours during their study at UOP.

Every student shall meet the following conditions to obtain employment opportunities at UOP:

  1. That he/she has completed 30 credit hours at least at UOP.
  2. That his/her grade point average is not lower than (2.00).
  3. That no disciplinary action (first warning and higher) has been taken against him/her.

Additionally, the following consideration shall be taken into account:

  • Students with financial inability shall be given the priority in employment opportunities and the Dean and concerned manager shall have the right to decide the student's financial ability.
  • The work load shall not exceed two hours daily at 2 JD per hour and not a maximum of 40 hours a month.
  • The students, who desires to benefit from student employment project, shall fill in employment form approved by the Dean or the concerned Department Manager. Thereafter, the Dean or Unit Manager recommends candidates for employment to the Dean of Student Affairs.
  • No student shall work greater than 240 hours during his/her study at UOP, except in the case of non-availability of candidates to fill the vacant jobs.
  • The UOP President, in exceptional cases and under the recommendation of the Dean or Department Manager, may increase the number of working hours.
  • The Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) raises monthly statement to the Financial Department after approving them by the deans, concerned department managers and Employment Office of DSA. That monthly statement set out the student name and total working hours during the month for payment. A copy of the statement shall be kept in the student file and another copy in the employment file.     
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