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The Sports Activities Section’s mission is to instill concepts of physical fitness and practice sports in students, raise students’ awareness on the significance of practicing sports, cater for talented students and improve their technical abilities and skills.
Objectives of the Sports Activities Section
  • Getting rid of psychological stress, decompression of emotions and using students’ extra energy.
  • Improving physical fitness and movement abilities and skills of students.
  • Using students’ leisure time through some sporting activities.
  • Forming UOP teams that can compete in all sport games organized inside or outside the University.
Duties of the Department of Sports Activities
 - Providing 25% - 50% grants to students excelling in sports.
 - Participating in the activities of sport committee for UOP staff.
 - Overseeing, managing and operating stadiums and sport halls at which students exercise all sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, table tennis, athletics, taekwondo, kickboxing, karate and exercise at the gym.
 - Organizing internal championships aiming at engaging large number of students to meet their wishes and preferences and eventually selecting most talented students.
 - Participating in the golden award camps in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (HKJ).
 - Participating in the camps of Hassan Youth Award that include physical fitness activities and exercises to prepare for golden, silver and bronze awards.
 - Participating in official and friendly sports matches with public and private universities.
 - Participating in winter games for Sports Federation of Jordanian Universities (SFJU) that are held at the city of Aqaba on King’s Abdullah Birthday.
Key Events
  1. Organizing Football League for UOP Faculties.
  2. Organizing Abu Alhussein Football League for Secondary Public and Private Schools to serve the local community.
  3. Organizing Basketball Championship for Jordanian Universities.
  4. Organizing Tennis Games Championship for UOP students, including table tennis and volleyball.
  5. Organizing Basketball Championship for Jordanian Universities on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Great Arab Revolt. The Championship includes eight teams representing eight universities.
Key Achievements
  1. Affiliation to the Sports Federation of the Jordanian Universities (SFJU).
  2. Took first place in Badminton Championship in SFJU Seventeenth Session that was held at Aqaba during the period from 9-14 February 2018.
Dean's Message

Dr. Fathi Faouri
My appointment as a Dean of Students Affairs was a motivation and incentive for me to work hard. UOP president's decision was attributable to the academic degrees ...
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