Petra Music

Petra Music is one of the art activities belonging totheCultural, Artistic, and Social Department at the Deanship of Student Affairs / Petra University. It was founded on April 2nd 2010 with the aim of forming a band that performs songs and music, as well as popular folklore dances.
PU has taken in interest intheCultural, Artistic, and Social Department through providing the state of the art musical instruments and sound equipment necessary forperformances, in addition to providing the appropriate space and environment for students to develop their musical talents.
Petra Music Tasks:
  1. Attracting talented students who have the ability to play music, sing, or dance, and
  2. nurturing and utilizing those abilities.
  3. Establishing eastern and western music bands.
  4. Offering music and folkloric dancing courses.
  5. Supervising the following: a) Practicing on the following musical instruments: piano, guitar, keyboard, accordion, andpercussion. b)Voice training for solo tunes.
  6. Composing music scores for theatrical works.
  7. Participating in national celebrations.
  8. Participating in on-campus ceremonies and celebrations.
  9. Participating in art activities andcompetitionsat other universities.
Participating in international art festivals.
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon

Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
On behalf of the deanship of students’ affairs, I am pleased to welcome fresher students who opted for the University of Petra to be the gateway for a bright future equipped with skills ..
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