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The Department of International Student Affairs aims to activate the role of the international students not only in UOP community but also in Jordanian community. It help them in communicating with various segments of students and encountering different challenges.
Duties of the Department of International Student Affairs:
  1. Development of a database containing international students and teaching staff.
  2. Distribution of booklets to the international students to introduce department's functions and objectives to international students.
  3. Finalizing issuance and renewal of students’ residence permits in coordination with the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and relevant authorities.
  4. Organizing meetings with international students on a permanent basis to listen to their suggestions and complaints.
  5. Issuing residence permits for students and teaching staff through MOI’s platform.
  6. Issuing entry visas via MOI’s electronic platform.
  7. Renewal of residence forms for dormitory’s girls.
  8. Issuing customs’ exemption certificate from Customs Jordan.
Key Achievements:
  1. Finalizing International Students Manual.
Requirements of Entry Visa:
  1. A copy of valid passport.
  2. Proof of enrollment by UOP Deanship of Admissions and Registration.
  3. Permanent and temporary address.
  4. A copy of residence document in homeland (for expatriates).
First-time Residence Terms Requirements:
  1. A copy of valid passport (information page, page containing the last entry date to Jordan and residency address) for not less than 6 months.
  2. Medical report.
  3. Residence identification and fingerprint at the nearest Police Station to the Dormitory.
  4. Proof of enrollment issued by UOP and certified by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  5. A letter from the University Presidency to the concerned ministry.
  6. Two personal photos.
  7. A copy of residence permit valid for not less than one year for expatriates.
Residence Permit Renewal Requirements:
  1. All of the above-mentioned requirements, except for the medical report, address of residency and fingerprints on the passport.
The required documents in the case of the student's graduation:
  1. Heading to the Security Center to pay his/her financial obligations and obtaining a clearance certificate.
  2. Obtaining a clearance from liability certificate from UOP.
The required documents for sponsorship transfer of incoming students to UOP:
  1. Certificate of Clearance from Liability issued by previous entity.
  2. The required documents for issuing first-time residence permit.

The required documents for sponsorship transfer from UOP:

  1. Cancellation of annual residence permit (payment of obligations).
  2. Ministry of Intetior-issued letter on sponsorship transfer.
General Observations:
  1. Holders of Palestinian Authority's passport are required to review the Department of Palestinian Affairs (DPA) and the concerned security authorities.
  2. Should the holders of temporary passport have the green card, they are required to review the concerned security authorities.
  3. The students, who are called to review security authorities, shall submit the following documents:
    • UOP identification card.
    • Passport.
    • Proof of enrollment.
    • Class schedule.
    • Financial receipts.
  4. Expatriate students shall review the Department of International Students/Deanship of Student Affairs to fill in Personal Data Form to enter their information to the database.
  5. The following expatriate students may obtain residence permit:

Syrian Students:

  1. Residence identification at the nearest Police Station to the Dormitory.
  2. Obtaining an identification card from the nearest police station to the residence.
  3. When Syrian students are willing to travel, they must obtain Exit/Re-entry letter from the Deanship of Student Affairs.

Yemeni Students:

  1. Residence identification at the nearest Police Station to the Dormitory.
  2. Sending an official application to the Ministry of Interior to receive the annual residence permit.
Dean's Message, Prof. Eyad Mallah
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