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International Student affairs Department



Aims to reach the maximum possible contribution to the activation of the role of the foreign student in the university community specially and the Jordanian society in general, In addition to assist the foreign student to adapt and integrate into the student body and to meet the challenges which they might face in life outside and inside the university .
Because of the positive learning environment which the university adopted , it was the destination of many of Arab and foreign students , in a result of that the university has been established the foreign students department to help these foreign students and take care of the issues that face  them during their studies in the university , and activating their role in the university through the activities which held by the department in order to reach maximum possible contribution to the activation of the role of the foreign student in the university community specially, and the Jordanian society in general. And work to incorporate them in the student body, and to help them to meet the challenges they might face in life inside and outside the university .
For all these reasons, the family of foreign students department welcomes all the students in their step country and in their university - University of Petra - , and invites them to visit the Deanship of Student Affairs, and to communicate with its stuff . we are found to facilitate their affairs.
Functions of foreign students affairs department:


1. Preparation of an archive data of foreign students.
2. Distribution of brochures to the foreign students to familiarize them with the functions of the department and its objectives.
3. Follow-up procedures of giving and renewal the residence during each semester , and      follow-up the problems of students in the Interior Ministry and security bureaus , and        work to solve their problems as much as possible.
4. Organizing a series of meetings of the foreign students with cultural attachés of their       countries.
5. Organizing poetry meetings for international students.
6. Focusing on sports and cultural section of foreign students.
7. Regular Meeting with foreign students department to listen to their suggestions and    complains.

Major achievements:
  1.  Facilitate the residence of foreign students.
  2.  preparation of a database of all foreign students.
  3.  Setup sub-Website to connect with foreign students and listening to their  complains.
  4.  Implement many of students meetings with the cultural  attachés of their countries
  5.  Implement many of the meetings for foreign students from all nationalities.
  6.  Implement many of the poetic meetings for foreign students.
  7.  Implement of football League Championship  of the Iraqi community in the  university .
  8.  Preparation of foreign students guide .
  9.  Implement many trips for foreign students to familiarize them with cultural and  touristic places in Jordan.
Residence procedures for foreign students in Jordan:
Visa system and accommodation:

We Remind our dear foreign students about certain procedures must be known by cooperation with foreign students department :

visa requirements:
  1.  A copy of a valid passport.
  2.  Proof of Student Admission and Registration Department    at the University.
  3.  permanent address and temporary address.
  4.  A copy of residence in the country of residence (for the nationalities residing  outside their countries ).

Yearly residence:

All nationalities need to settle  and they need a visa to enter to Jordan except the following nationalities (the Arab Gulf states, Egypt, and Syria), they do not need a permanent residence or visa to enter to Jordan , but they need to confirm their residence place inside Jordan in the nearest police station of the student dorm .
Residency requirements for the first time:
  1.   A copy of valid passport (information page, the page containing the last entry to Jordan, determine the residence) for a period not less than 6 months.
  2.  Medical examination.
  3.  Identify housing and a fingerprint on the passport at the nearest police station located in the area of student housing.
  4.  Proof of the student from the University certified by the ministry of higher education.
  5. A letter issued by the presidency of the university to the concerned ministry .
  6.  Two personal photos.
  7.   A copy of the residence of the country of residence, not less than one year of the nationalities living outside their original countries.

Requirements for renewal the residence  :

  •    All of the above except the medical examination and  identification of housing and    fingerprints on the passport.
​The requirements in the case of the student's graduation:
  •   Going to the security center to settle for the payment of the file and get the       clearance.
  •   Getting the clearance from the university.
-The requirements in the case of transfer the sponsorship to the university:
  •  clearance from the last sponsorship of the residence
  •  The requirements mentioned in Section II (residency requirements for the first time).
Requirements for transfer the sponsorship from the University:
  •  Cancellation of the annual residence card ( settlement of the file).
  •  ​ A formal letter from the Ministry of the Interior affairs regarding the transfer of  sponsorship. 
Additional information:
  •   Holders of Palestinian Authority's passport must review the Department of   Palestinian Affairs and the concerned security authorities .
  •   Holders of temporary passport must review the concerned security authorities       (green card).
  •   Not to contact the concerned security authorities incase of not registering in the   university and had not a proof of student certified by the ministry concerned.

When any student being requested to the concerned security authority must providing the following:
  •   university ID.
  •   Passport.
  •   proof of student.
  •   schedule of lectures.
  •   financial receipts.

Important Note: Please all foreign students of all nationalities must review the department of foreign students at the Deanship of Student Affairs to fill out a form of personal data as soon as possible .
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon

Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
On behalf of the deanship of students’ affairs, I am pleased to welcome fresher students who opted for the University of Petra to be the gateway for a bright future equipped with skills ..
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