Dorms are temporary residential quarters for girls during their study at UOP. These dorms were established in order to provide the highest level of safety and comfort to girls.
The girls’ dorms are located at UOP campus. They consist of 134 furnished rooms, which are equipped with all necessary supplies. The dorms’ rooms can host 147 girl divided as follows:
  • 121 single rooms for one girl.
  • 13 double rooms for two girls.
Facilities and Costs:
Dorms consist of single rooms, double rooms, study halls, rooms for reading and watching television, movies rooms, entertainment halls, kitchens, general services rooms that are equipped with washing and drying equipment, Gym hall, billiard halls, and a garden for dorms’ girls only.
  1. The fees of a single room are 700 Jordanian Dinars for one girl (in the first and second semesters);
  2. The fees of a single room are 600 Jordanian Dinars for one girl (in the first and second semesters);
  3. The fees of a double room are 900 Jordanian Dinars for two girls (in the first and second semesters); The fees of a double room are 450 Jordanian Dinars per each girl (in the first and second semester);
  4. 16% Sales tax  is applied to above-mentioned rental fees;
  5. The transportation fees are 60 Jordanian dinars in the first and second semesters;
  6. Rental fees are exclusive of costs of living and meals;
  7. The fees of Dormitory are 50% of the above-mentioned amounts in the summer semester;
  8. Dorms’ rental and insurance fees are collected at the beginning of the semester;
  9. If the girl left the dorms during the semester for whatsoever reason, rental fees would not be refunded. However, if the girl was infected with a communicable disease based on a certified medical report by an authorized physician, residence costs equivalent to her residence period are deducted from the total fees and the remaining paid amount is refunded.
  10. DSA receives dorms’ girls at Queen Alia International Airport and ensures their arrival at UOP. The girls must inform DSA of their arrival date at least two days before their arrival. DSA, moreover, arranges their travel to homeland at the end of each semester.   
Conditions for residence at UOP dorms:
In addition to compliance with UOP dorms' bylaws and instructions, admitted girls shall meet the following conditions to be allowed to reside at UOP dorms:
  1. The girl registered one course or more in the semester;
  2. The girl shall submit a dormitory residence application at DSA's Dormitory Department;
  3. The girl shall be medically fit and not infected with communicable diseases according to a medical report by an authorized physician;
  4. The Dormitory Committee, which is formed and chaired by the Dean of Student Affairs, shall review and approve the dormitory applications;
  5. The girl and her guardian shall sign a letter of undertaking that she will comply with the dormitory bylaw and instructions using the form prepared for this purpose;
  6. The girl shall pay residence fees and insurances as decided by UOP on time; and
  7. The girl shall be of good reputation and character.
Dormitory Bylaw:
  1. The dormitory opens its doors to girls all year round.
  2. Girls shall leave their rooms within a period of not more than three days after the end of the lectures and final exams of each semester.
  3. Girls may stay at  the dorms during official and short holidays (not greater than two weeks) without incurring extra charges.
  4. The girls graduating from UOP may stay at the dorms four days free after graduation ceremony to complete formalities inside and outside UOP upon the approval of the dormitory director. Should their stay exceeds fours, the girls pays (15) Jordanian Dinars per day.
  5. The girls are prohibited from entering spirits, drugs, or any materials and substances harmful to health.
  6. The girls are prohibited from bearing heating devices or  flammable substances.  In this context, the girls are prohibited from using electric heaters,  kerosene heaters, diesel heaters, and gas heaters inside the rooms, hallways or dormitory halls as there are central heating  and equipped kitchens at each floor of the dorms.
  7. Students are prohibited from keeping pets inside the dorms.
  8. When the girls leave the dorms at the end of each semester, they shall take their belongings, including: money, jewelry...etc. dorms' management is not responsible for any losses.
  9. Should the girls leave  the dorms, they take all of their belongings because the dorms' management  is not responsible for any losses. The girls shall also submit a clearance form from liability issued by the UOP Financial Department.
    Smoking is prohibited at TV halls, reading rooms, computer rooms and public areas at the dorms.
  10.  All newly-admitted girls shall submit a medical clearance certificate that is issued by UOP Healthcare Center.
  11.  The girls shall have the right to overnight stay at the apartments of individuals whose names are set out in the declaration in weekends and public holidays  upon filling out the Overnight Stay Form and delivering to the dorms' supervisor.
  12. The girls may participate in the university trips according to UOP Journeys' Bylaw.  DSA supervises evenings and tours inside Amman.
  13. The girls  shall build positive relationships on the basis of friendship and respect, with her colleagues, dorms' supervisors and dorms' workers.
  14. The girls shall deal etiquettely with  her colleagues, dorms' supervisors and dorms' workers.
  15. The girls shall not do acts that are not in line with the core values of community, or defame their colleagues reputation or UOP staff reputation.
  16.  The girls may receive their parents and visitors at the dorms' reception area. In case the girl's parents desire enter to the bedrooms, they may enter to the bedrooms, provided that the approval of the dorms' supervisor is obtained and entrance to the bedrooms are conducted by their mothers.
  17. The girl may host her mother or sister for 48 hours in the cases approved by the dean of student affairs. In this case, the girl shall pay 15 Jordanian Dinar per day in cash or to be added to her financial obligations under the recommendation of the dean of student affairs.
  18. The girls may receive their friends of girls, during specified visiting hours, after their IDs are checked security guards.
  19. The Dean of Student Affairs forms and chairs a committee with a membership consisting of a specialized guidance counselor and dorms director in order to addresses any violations of applicable UOP instructions.
  20.   The girl, who violates the current instructions, subjects to variable disciplinary actions depending on the violation degree and according to the applicable penalties in this regard.   
Services to dorms' residents:
  1. Day and night Qualified  supervisors;
  2. Organization of recreational extracurricular activities during holidays under a recommendation sent to the dean of student affairs to dorms' director.
  3. Free parking in front of the dorms for the dorms' residents.
  4. Central heating and hot water services.
  5. Transportation services during working hours and holidays.
  6. Kitchens with gas cookers, refrigerator...etc.
  7. Health care unit clinic from 8 am until 7 pm and;
  8. Emergency services (at night).
  9. Washing rooms with washing machines and electric driers and vacuum cleaners.
  10. Daily and periodic maintenance.
  11. Use of the gym and billiards hall from 8 am to 12 pm after university hours.
Required documents for registration:
  1. University Dormitory Registration Card (pdf)
  2. University Dormitory Financial Commitment Document (pdf)
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