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Female students’ dormitory is the temporary home for all female students during their study at the University. The female students’ dormitory has been established to provide the highest level of safety, well-being and privacy for the female students.
The female students’ dormitory is located in the campus, and consists of 130 well-furnished and equipped rooms with all necessary fixtures. The dormitory capacity is 141 female students, divided as follows:
  • 119 single-bed rooms for one female student.
  • 11 double-bed rooms for two female students.
  • 72 penthouse apartments (studio).

 Advantages offered to female students residing at the dormitory:

  1. A team of educational supervisors is available 24 hours a day.
  2. extra-curricular and recreational activities for students on vacation and vacations (According to the dormitory manager recommendation to the Deanship of Student Affairs).
  3. Free parking lots inside the university and in front of the dormitory for students wishing to park their cars.
  4. Hot water and heating system.
  5. Transportation using the university buses during official working hours and holidays.
  6. Kitchens equipped with all the necessary ovens, refrigerators and others.
  7. A clinic opening from 8am to 7pm, and ambulance services for students in emergency cases (at night).
  8. Laundry rooms with washing machines, dryers, and vacuum cleaners.
  9. Daily and periodic maintenance.
  10. Use gymnasium room (gym), billiard room at the dormitory from 8am to 12pm.
The female students' dormitory consists of single-bed and double-bed rooms, study rooms, reading rooms, TV and video watching rooms, recreational halls, kitchens, public services rooms equipped with washers and dryers, gym hall, billiards hall and garden attached thereto for female students residing in the dormitory only.
Dormitory’s rents for the regular semester of the Academic Year 2023-2024 are as follows:
Penthouse apartment: 1150 Jordanian Dinars.
One large single-bed room: 1050 Jordanian Dinars.
One small single-bed room: 950 Jordanian Dinars.
Double-bed room: 750 Jordanian dinars.
  • The above rents do not cover the living and dining expenses.
  • Dormitory rents in the summer semester are only 50% of the regular semester rents.
  • The Deanship of Student Affairs receives the female students who will reside at the dormitory at Queen Alia International Airport and ensures their reach to the university, provided that the Deanship of Student Affairs is informed of the date of their arrival to Jordan at least two days in advance.
Conditions for admission to housing
  1. Be registered by one or more University courses.
  2. Apply for admission to the Student Affairs / Housing Administration.
  3. Be medically fit with no epidemic illness upon medical report from the Physician.
  4. The housing committee formed and chaired by the Dean of Student Affairs should approved the applications submitted.
  5. Sign-jointly with her guardian- a compliance with the rules and procedures of on-campus housing form especially designed for this purpose.
  6. Pay all required fees and deposits on due time.
  7. Be of good conduct.
Rules of Procedure for Housing
  1. Housing is open to students in all days of the year (12 months per year).
  2. The student leaves the residence for a maximum period of three days, after the end of the study and the exams for each semester.
  3. The student may stay in residence during short holidays and public holidays, which do not exceed two weeks, without payment of fees.
  4. The graduate may stay in the housing free of charge for four days immediately after the graduation ceremony, in order to complete graduation documents and other clearances, upon the approval of the dormitory manager. The student shall pay 15 dinars for each extra day.
  5. Alcoholic drinks, narcotic drugs and any other harmful drugs are strictly prohibited inside the housing.
  6. No fire causing material shall be owned or used in the housing. Electric, kerosene and gas heaters are prohibited. Well-equipped kitchens are available in each floor.
  7. Pets are not allowed inside the housing.
  8. The student shall, at the end of each semester and when she leaves the housing, move out all her belongings, including jewelry and money, and the management is not responsible for their loss.
  9. The student shall, when she withdraws the dormitory, move out all her belongings, including jewelry and money, and the management is not responsible for their loss and shall obtain clearance certificate from the Financial Department.
  10.  Smoking is prohibited at television halls, reading halls, computer halls and common areas at the dormitory.
  11. All new students must obtain medical clearance certificate from the university medical center.
  12.  The student shall be permitted to sleep outside the housing (in places approved by her guardian) during weekends and official holidays, only after completing the form designed for this purpose and held with the dormitory supervisor.
  13. The student shall be permitted to participate in University organized trips. Recreational and night trips inside Amman shall be supervised by the Deanship of Student Affairs.
  14. The student shall share positive humane relationships based on respect and love with colleagues, supervisors and workers in the housing.
  15. The student shall use polite language with the above-mentioned personnel.
  16. The student shall adhere not to practice any action which contradicts the society norms, or commit any action that might harm her, her colleagues or the University.
  17. Guardians and guests shall be received in the special hall designed for this. In case guardians wished to see sleeping rooms, the dormitory supervisor approval shall be obtained at the semester beginning, provided that no students are in the rooms and only mothers see the rooms.
  18.  The student shall vacate her room after the end of the second semester if she does not wish to register in the summer semester. In case the student wants to book the room and keep her belonging in it, she shall pay 50% of the rent specified for the regular semesters and shall be given the priority in the room before three days of the first semester commencement maximum.
  19. Outside visitors shall not be permitted to stay more than the determined duration of the visit.
  20. The Dean of Student Affairs shall form a standing committee, chaired by him/her and membership of a counsellor and the Supervisor, to handle violations of these Regulations.
  21.  The student violating these regulations subject to disciplinary actions depending on the size and types of the violation according to the regulation applicable at the University.

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