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Department of cultural , artistic and social activities aims to provide opportunities for students to practice their hobbies, And to develop and raise awareness among young people, and develop their personalities In the university.
The section creates and forms all activities and supervision and providing adequate and appropriate atmosphere for these.
Activities through the studied programs of the development of a responsibility and belonging among students
  1. Create the opportunity for students to participate in cultural events, artistic and     social activities .
  2.   Organize  festivals and events, seminars and lectures for different cultural events.
  3. Supporting talents to develop their skills in the different fields such as music, song, folk dance, theater, Painting and ceramics.
  4. Establishment of artistic bands within the university.
  5. Participation in the camps and national youth events for university students.
  6. Supervision of volunteer and social work through a committee of students (The   system and the reception)
  7. Participation in the activities , cultural and artistic competitions with other             universities.
  8. Competitions in the field of technical drawing.
  9. Establishment of courses in painting, pottery, musical performance, singing and   dancing. 
  10. Participation in the activities of the local community.
  11. Art exhibitions of student's performance.
  12. Improve and develop the students talents.
  13. Coordination of the Year Book.
  14. Supervision of the audio devices on campus.    
  1. Five events on the occasion of  his Majesty king Abdullah II feasts.
  2. Thirteen festival on the occasion of celebration of Independence Day.
  3. Drawing , ceramics and photography (second) contests.
  4. Eleven cultural week of Jerusalem city.
  5. Winning various awards in competitions of theater, singing, playing and drawing.
  6. Workshops for students of public service to gain necessary skills for their mission.
  7. Organize  the week enlightenment for new students.
  8. Hosting many of the lectures in the areas of domestic violence, drug control,  successful leadership And other cultural activities.
  9. Organize students training to develop their skills in the technical activities and the  formation of artistic bands and the work sessions in artistic areas.   
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon

Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
Dr. Ghazi Abuzeitoon
On behalf of the deanship of students’ affairs, I am pleased to welcome fresher students who opted for the University of Petra to be the gateway for a bright future equipped with skills ..
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