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1. Vision
Providing students with the necessary life and professional skills to succeed in the labor market, create innovations and actively contribute in the community.
2. Values
  • Professionalism
  • Quality and excellence in work
  • Honesty, fairness and equal opportunities
  • Continuous development
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity and transparency
3. Objectives of Career Guidance and Alumni Follow-up Office​
3.1. Career Guidance Objectives
  • Guiding students on the appropriate specialization in line with their abilities and professional inclinations
  • Determining the strengths and weaknesses of the personal skills that the student may face during the study and work processes.
  • Determining the requirements of the labor market and the available job opportunities.
  • Providing students with the skills required in the Jordanian and foreign labor market.
  • Guiding students to fill jobs that suit their skills, abilities as well as psychological and social characteristics.
  • Providing individual and collective counseling to students to enhance their skills and solve their problems that affect their Providing individual and collective counseling to students to enhance their skills and solve their problems that affect their competency upon graduation (face-to-face and distance counseling).
  • Providing collective guidance to students to increase their skills in obtaining jobs.
3.2. In the Field of Training (Face-to-face and Distance Training)
A. Facilitate the training of students during their studies in public, private and non-profit institutions.
B. Finding volunteer opportunities for students off-campus and on-campus.
C. Providing financial support for students' entrepreneurial projects.
D. Organizing working days.
E. Building relationships with relevant partners.
F. Finding training opportunities while studying.
G. Finding employment opportunities.
H. Finding practical training opportunities for employment.
3.3. Objectives related to activities and partnerships (networking)
A. Facilitating students training in companies, organizations and not for profit organizations.
B. Finding volunteering opportunities for students at UOP or external companies.
C. Funding students’ innovating projects.
D. Organizing job fairs.
E. Establishing relations with relevant partners.
F. Finding training opportunities to students.
G. Finding employment opportunities.
H. Finding practical training opportunities for employment purpose.
3.4. Graduate Follow-up
A. Updating graduates' database.
B. Preparing statistical studies on the reality of graduates in the labor market and the extent of employers' satisfaction with the graduates' performance and measuring graduates’ satisfaction on UOP services and majors.
C. Providing data and information on graduates to be used in research.
D. Following up employability status of graduates.
E. Benefiting from graduates in the development of students and their practical experience.
F. Connecting graduates to their University through various annual forums.
G. Coordinating with companies to secure internships to graduates.
H. Publishing graduates’ success stories in UOP yearbook and annual report.
I. Organizing annual meetings for graduates.
Tasks of CCFGO
  • Instilling work values in students and acquiring life skills.
  • Securing job opportunities to graduates or temporary job opportunities to students during their studies at UOP (part-time employment system at UOP departments, centers) and continuously communicating with companies and institutions for employment purposes.
  • Supporting academically strong students by organizing annual honoring ceremonies in celebration of academically strong students.
  • Supporting creative and innovative projects of students, funding research project of students expected to graduate under specified principles and criteria and in coordination with King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB).
  • Supporting students in establishing startups, including: SMART IDEA, Lego Furniture and Elegencia.
  • Supporting entrepreneurial projects that compete at the level of Jordanian universities in the youth leadership competition organized by INJAZ, such as "Dawerha", "I am a Volunteer", "Youth without Cancer", as well as obtaining first distinguished positions in projects like: "Seven Days Park", "You are their Hope", and "We Were little", and other projects
  • Participating in youth dialogue meetings convened at Jordanian universities, King Abdullah II Fund For Development (KAFD), INJAZ for Creation of Economic Opportunities for Jordanian Youth, Business Development Center and East and West for Sustainable Development.
  • Funding young initiatives, namely: "I am a Volunteer" Initiative aiming to serve the local community and funding activities of Young Muslim Women Association and its sport festivals annually since 2009 in a row until today.
  • The following list include the most significance courses provided by CCFGO:
    1. Task Force Formation.
    2. Talal Abu Gazaleh for Success.
    3. The Psychology of Change and Time Management.
    4. Positive Thinking.
    5. Entrepreneurship.
    6. Effective Negotiation Skills.
    7. Creative Thinking Skills.
    8. Emotional Intelligence.
    9. Cyber Security Awareness.
    10. Work Ethics and Communication Skills.
    11. Driving Skills
    12. Human Resources Management.
    13. Power of Memory and Concentration.
    14. Entrepreneurial Project and Business Incorporation.
    15. Distinguished Skills in Preparing Resume (CV), Conducting Job Interviews and Writing Cover Letters.
    16. Mind Maps.
    17. Body Language.
    18. Physiognomy.
    19. Relational Needs.
    20. Blue Ocean Strategy.
    21. E-Marketing.
    22. Google Skills.
    23. Artificial Intelligence (AI).
    24. Digital Transformation in the Business Environment.
    25. Advertising on YouTube.
    26. A Series of Courses on Recruitment, Leave and Departure Procedures on the Al-Hanawi ERP Program.
    27. LinkedIn and Labor Market.
Dean's Message, Prof. Eyad Mallah
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