A student is allowed to transfer from another university to Petra University provided there are vacancies according to the following conditions:

1- That a student completes the requirements of acceptance to Petra University. 
2- That a student transfer from a university or college recognized by Petra University. 
3- That the secondary school average of the student be accepted by the department s/he intends to transfer to at Petra University in the year s/he obtained the general secondary school certificate or in the year of transfer to the university.

 The Registrar sends the applications for admission to the faculty dean in question for the evaluation of the transferable credits accepted according to the relevant major study plan. The number of transferable credits from the relevant major study plan cannot exceed 50% for transfer students. No course taken more than seven years previously can be evaluated. Only one academic semester can be deducted from the maximum years required for graduation for every 15 credit hours calculated for the student.

 A mention for courses taken by the student at other universities is not calculated in the cumulative average at Petra University. A transfer from another university ‘T’ will be recorded for these courses.

 A student must take not less than 50% of the credit hours required by his/her major at Petra University.

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